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  1. BigRnj

    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    This thread with such in-depth insight (not) reminds me of the idiots on football threads that harp on the catch-all “he keeps running it up the middle” as if that’s an actual play. Hit your shots at a higher % and we’re all happy.
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    OT: One word thread

  3. BigRnj

    Major Addition to Rutgers Website

    He’s no saint 😅
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    OT: Eugene O. Status

    Sounds like someone needs a talking to... now Phil there were two teams, one was called the Birds and the other was called the Bees... 😂. Thanks or the laugh.
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    OT: How Long Before We Know If The Vaccines Work As Hoped?

    Malaria is not contagious... you get it from a mosquito, and there really isn’t a vaccine readily available for it. It’s more common that you take a regime of anti-malaria pills before, during, and after your trip. I have done this many times in years past for trips in CA, SA, Asia and Africa...
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    OT: Now it's real Mantle 52 card

    wow, she is going to make out well. She gets $$$ when you pay her and more $$$ when she sells them 😅
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    OT: Your Favorite/Best Coffee (Including Decaf) And Brewing Method

    seriously i brought some back, but it was the cheap stuff tourists buy, not the $60 per pound stuff. It was crappy.
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    OT: Your Favorite/Best Coffee (Including Decaf) And Brewing Method

    Last year I brought back Civet Coffee from Vietnam (Translated as weasel coffee there). The Asian palm Civet eats the coffee cherries and it “ferments” as it passes through the civet’s digestive tract. The real stuff is hugely expensive. I bought some “tourist“ grade variety. It was pretty...
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    OT: Your Favorite/Best Coffee (Including Decaf) And Brewing Method

    There are little plastic caps that let you reuse Nespresso pods with your own coffee. I have also seen reusable stainless steel pods. I have not tried either yet. Anyonehave experience with reusing Nespresso pods out there?
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    OT: Your Favorite/Best Coffee (Including Decaf) And Brewing Method

    This might be a bit snobbish, but I have been ordering freshly roasted beans from Kona Farm Direct on the big island in Hawaii. i made a wrong turn and ended up on a small coffee farm a few years back. The owners were awesome and invited us in. They spent 90 minutes showing us the operation...
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    OT: Your Favorite/Best Coffee (Including Decaf) And Brewing Method

    With only 5 years of coffee experience your insight is a bit limited for this thread 😉
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    A high school player who chooses Alabama

    To me it’s similar to uconn with women’s basketball. Regardless of the benefits of competing with “the best” every day in practice and the “superior“ coaching as reasons for choosing that program, a high level recruit must still be motivated to be part of a national championship team over...
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    OT: Best Burger in NJ???

    Shore Fire Grill (Surf City and Manahawkin) makes a few very good burgers. As an aside the original chef/owner Tim died in a car accident last year. Very sad, he was a nice guy and cared about his customers... often stopping by tables to chat and make you feel welcome.
  14. BigRnj

    Chris Carlin Named NJ Sportscaster of the Year

    Carlin is good for RU and is a good dude. I know a family very close to him, I’ve met him a few times, and I’m happy he’s a Rutgers guy. Congratulations Chris, you deserve the recognition!
  15. BigRnj

    University of Florida considering C Ash as a hire

    Ash cut his teeth as a head coach (at any level from Pop-Warner on up) here at Rutgers. The problem going forward is he has no teeth/no credibility. I for one would love to see him get amother HC gig, as a sort of social experiment. I am curious to see if clueless incompetence as a leader can...
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    OT: Running from High Point to Cape May

    I think Forest Gump did the same in 60 days 😉
  17. BigRnj

    OT: Running from High Point to Cape May

    Not impressed, it was all downhill 😜
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    Seems obvious

    This was our worst loss in 2 years. We‘re falling in love with the 3 and we’re not as aggressive on the boards, amongst other things. We need to get the edge back.
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    Seton Hall Game on the table

    We’re both coming off smackdowns (RU outscored by 23 at MSU and shu outscored by 36 at Creighton). If we play next week the loser is really going to hit a low point for the season
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    OT: Greatest Pitch of All-Time?

    Nolan Ryan is missing