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  1. WhichReligionIsRight

    Rutgers in 60: 3pm Today/Sunday BTN !!

    Vedral wasn't perfect yesterday, but he did so many good things. The most consequential play was his TD pass late in the game. However, he was doing so many little things right, like looking off while passing. My favorite play - Start of 4Q, 4th & 1. He acted like he was going to let the...
  2. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: TS Zeta

    Global climate change isn't political.
  3. WhichReligionIsRight

    Kudos to Robb Smith

    Forcing the offense into making mistakes is almost always a good idea in CFB. Elite QBs will kill us - but RU was getting killed anyway.
  4. WhichReligionIsRight

    Fava FG

    Toast a glass of Chianti to Fava.
  5. WhichReligionIsRight

    Sitkowski did not play

    I think they bring in Langan just for goal line situations. He's a terrific runner. Gleason flat-out outschemed the MSU DC today. As for Sitkowski, he's on the bench for now. Number 0 got the job done today.
  6. WhichReligionIsRight

    Football LIVE Game Thread: Rutgers vs Michigan State

    I used to think Millen was really good, but he was awful today. Seemed both unprepared and half blind.
  7. WhichReligionIsRight

    Football LIVE Game Thread: Rutgers vs Michigan State

    Don't care. Just win, baby!
  8. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: The NFC east might be worst division in sports history

    NFC East is giving the Smythe Division (78-79) a real run for it's money.
  9. WhichReligionIsRight

    Most Disliked Current Non Rutgers Player

    All that can be true. JG still gets the award. He could have easily said he was going to UT and not come on the recruiting visit. Then it would all be on Flood.
  10. WhichReligionIsRight

    Most Disliked Current Non Rutgers Player

    Easily JG. Wearing UT orange to a RU recruiting visit was the most disrespectful thing I can think of.
  11. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: California Wildfires

    You are correct, and the the proof is now apparent to all.
  12. WhichReligionIsRight

    An open letter to readers of On The Banks - On the Banks

    I recall racists being responsible for PCE shutdown - along with some of the colorful replies to said racists. I sometimes miss the PCE board, but mostly glad the most egregious racists are gone. Good riddance.
  13. WhichReligionIsRight

    Should Rutgers Stadium have red turf?

    I'm not reading this thread, but there is only one answer - F*ck NO.
  14. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: California Wildfires

    I think I remember this as well. The prescribed burns do bo badly some times. However, there is little doubt we're going to see more in the future; though at a cost of increased CO2 emissions.
  15. WhichReligionIsRight

    With all the OOC bubble talk...why not a local tournament?

    Eight New Jersey Teams: RU Monmouth Princeton St Peters Seton Hall NJIT FDU Rider
  16. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: The XFL Will Live On

    And Hershel Walker. And, of couse, Doug Flutie - though he went on to Canada.
  17. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: The XFL Will Live On

    Someone correct me on the USFL. Donald Trump wanted to buy the Buffalo Bills, but the NFL owners said no. Trump, of course, owned the NJ Generals and was the leader on taking the USFL to compete directly with the NFL by playing a fall schedule. This caused the league. Which was too bad - the...
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    Campbell Fighting Camels

    More than a dog?
  19. WhichReligionIsRight

    Campbell Fighting Camels

    That was a really fun football game.
  20. WhichReligionIsRight

    OT: California Wildfires

    FWIW, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington all use California emissions regulations.