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    Tom Izzo started our offensive woes

    Objectively...Here is what we haven’t figured out 1.) we have struggled with teams pushing the start of our half court basket further out. 2:) we have not countered that teams are overplaying Toward the top because we are not Going baseline, shooting enough threes from the corner, or...
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    The best thing that will happen to Myles is cliff coming back so he doesn’t have to play so careful. 24 good minutes of Myles is exactly what this team needs, especially so that he can be fresh the last 6 minutes of the game with 3 fouls or less.
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    Jaden Jones/Mulcahy

    you are nailing an important point. The ball needs to keep moving. Paul gets the Ball and a lot of time the action stops and the defense catches up Caleb does this to keep the ball movong and make the decision quicker.
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    Jaden Jones/Mulcahy

    Let’s be objective with Paul here...and I love What the kid represents off the court and the kids gritty , hard nose effort.... 6.1 ppg in 29.0 Mpg ...only shooting 56 times in 12 games. it’s just not enough shot attempts, it’s just not enough points...and he just doesn’t have enough assists...
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    Bac's Big 10 Rankings

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    FSU Foul Shooting Today....

    this x10000. There is nothing that replicates game situations free throws that you can practice other than making sure you shoot with the same form ...and even then, it’s hard to replicate the focus needed when fatigued...and even mores so with 10000 People screaming
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    Bac's Big 10 Rankings

    This is a pretty accurate list. Think Maryland might even get a bump over Michigan state with wins over Illinois and Wisconsin on the road ...their schedule gets a “little weaker” be interesting to see if they can make up Some ground in the standings
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    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    Then ...tbh, I’m done talking with you Pretty hypocritical that you expect everyone to read completely read your point, but you don’t consider any other points beyond “1-2 sentences” People see through the “look at me agenda “...and it’s a shame, because the guy actually makes some good points...
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    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    Wrong. Not taking your BS bait. Who the bell are YOU??? You made the claim we don’t “run an Real offensive system”....which is BS You can’t find extended clips of basketball where all we do is play non scripted offensive basketball ...because it doesn’t exist . And don’t go find a bad 2-3...
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    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    Dude are so off base that’s it’s painful. This is big boy basketball...if you think for one minute that we aren’t running an offense coaches making millions a year who’s career And reputation are based on winning in a games that are unbelievable competitive ...then you really don’t...
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    GAME 12 Wisconsin: Truth is Rutgers is not a good team

    Respectfully....yes it does need to be written. Not at this point. But down the line, you want to “be a columnist ...” that people regularly follow ...and if you want to be fed up got to bring the facts and evidence. Make a statement it is coaching or the players ...or both and why...
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    6 more wins at worst. Maybe 7

    This. For real.
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    Give me Mike Williams, Corey Sanders, and Deshawn Freeman

    This might be the worst post of the year Questioning their fight, drive and will to win? Are you F***ing kidding me??? It’s the type of stuff that you or anyone would not have the balls to say to the team or coaches directly ...but can cowardly and safely say Behind a keyboard...
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    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    The idea that we Have “knowledgeable” posters suggesting that don’t run an offense sets is absolutely off base and only to get responses for other agenda We have gone through a four game stretch with our offense struggling’s out of whack from injuries, new guys coming into the rotation...
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    Just focus on next throwing season.

    And I’m pretty sure that most of the people who are over the top bashing have never played competitive basketball ...let along has some run with players of this level The idiotic and trolling comments are obvious. The ignore button needs to come out in full force for those who come out only...
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    Just focus on next throwing season.

    Another guy that comes out the minute things get a little rough and goes away as soon as we win a couple....good times around this forum
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    Jacob-Geo and lead guard

    Legit concern. However, I really think most of his mental issues stem from the foot injury. His shot and explosiveness still has not returned. That three point step back at the end of the half was anything but vintage geo ...form all arms and no legs I don’t know if he will heal this season or...
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    6 more wins at worst. Maybe 7 this point, there is already an off the chart amount lot of self pressure to finish this season strong. You don’t think that contributed to a lot of the makable misses last night? I do ... Right now, what this team needs to do is forget about the phrase “NCAA tournament “ And get...
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    20 in the bank

    You start a post “fire pike” and now questioning if geo’s injury is still causing issues? Seriously ...go rewatch his three point step back at the end of the half and watch his release ...and a couple of his other outside shot attempts Then go watch the Purdue game Highlights from last year...
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    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    That’s my question here too. There was a period where geo was so negative on defense (Which he did better with yesterday ) that I think he needed to be shut down I think pike would have if we had a normal season with 4-5 more games Cupcakes to get the frosh on the floor...but with the...