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  1. dvb91

    Jaden Jones Arrives This Month !

    Awesome news, independent of whether he plays this season or not. The learning curve will shorten for him since he gets in early and can really get a jump on things for the fall. I hope he makes it hard on Pike to keep him on the bench, but we all have to keep our expectations in check. I hope...
  2. dvb91

    Tyler is 8 years cancer free

  3. dvb91

    #30 In The Country / 3rd Most Underrated

    I'm a believer. True, progress is not linear, but sometimes you just have to be lucky at the right time. Sometimes, it just takes a good team team to be lucky enough to beat a great team. Yeah, the deck in the B1G East is stacked, but a few breaks in a few tight games can get you a shot at the...
  4. dvb91

    Football New Depth Chart versus Illinois

    Interesting. If GS can keep some upperclassmen impact players for another year, he could make hay with a loaded roster, while possibly redshirting some newcomers as needed. As noted above, it will probably affect the bigger programs more as their older players are more likely to go to the NFL...
  5. dvb91

    Spartan Writer Absolutely Kills Tucker and MSU

    The tweet about the PSU-Indy game was funny.
  6. dvb91

    Kareem Walker Leaving Mississippi State

    LOL. One hit but 4 runs? I guess there were a lot of fielding errors & walks. Concerning Walker, when reading the article, I thought "what a waste", but after reading vkj's post, I hope Walker finds some success in his last year of eligibility (can't see him having 2, although with 2020...
  7. dvb91

    Myles Nash Article

    Good read. I hope Myles makes it onto the force. Would be a great example.
  8. dvb91

    OT: Any adults have/ had Invisalign?

    Did it over 5 years ago, mainly for my bottom teeth, but also had a tray for the top set. Orthodontist had to file between teeth to make space. Took about a year of various trays. A bit painful when a new set is put in, but you get used to it. Used an efferdent type cleaner to clean & deodorize...
  9. dvb91

    OT: WWF/ NWA/ AWA “the road warrior” Animal passes

    LOL If nothing else, you have to give credit for the athleticism & choreography. Doing those moves without the proper training can really hurt.
  10. dvb91

    OT: WWF/ NWA/ AWA “the road warrior” Animal passes

    Wow. Didn't know Hawk died so young. At least Animal had a relatively long life (for a pro wrestler). Great tag team. RIP
  11. dvb91

    COVID-19 Pandemic: Transmissions, Deaths, Treatments, Vaccines, Interventions and More...

    Concerning Sweden, found this interesting article comparing Sweden vs NY.
  12. dvb91

    OT: NJ weather: Tropical storm could bring flooding, rip currents in the next few days

    Hmmmm, someone seems to be distracted from his usual duties. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. dvb91

    OT: Happy 94th Birthday Mel Brooks

    Definitely enjoy their stuff.
  14. dvb91

    OT: Happy 94th Birthday Mel Brooks

    Unfortunately, Blazing Saddles wouldn't make it out of pre-production today. Too many just couldn't appreciate the comedy. Happy birthday to Mel!
  15. dvb91

    Football RFootball adds West Virginia TE transfer Jovani Haskins

    COVID waiver to play right away? Otherwise, he'll have redshirt & only have 1 year to play.
  16. dvb91

    OT: The ESPY's

    Never said they didn't have a lot of content. It just tended to not be what I have been watching lately. As I noted, I caught some of the Coppa Italia match (soccer), but wound up watching more of the EPL restart matches on NBCSN, as they have a better product. They have a truly dedicated soccer...
  17. dvb91

    OT: The ESPY's

    It's been a while since I have watched ESPN. Actually saw that they had the Coppa Italia live last week and watched it for a bit. Horrible game, even worse commentary. Maybe it was partially due to lack of atmosphere & I believe ESPN made the decision to not add a crowd soundtrack, which to my...
  18. dvb91

    COVID-19 Pandemic: Transmissions, Deaths, Treatments, Vaccines, Interventions and More...

    Maybe since NY/NE had more antibody spread, it's possible that there was a partial herd immunity effect? Just positing a theory.
  19. dvb91

    OT: Dogs Food

    Have you tried FreshPet? In the refridgerated section.
  20. dvb91

    OT: India-China Rock Fight

    Border tensions are rising for the 2 Asian powers. Didn't know that both sides tend to not carry arms along the border, hence the hand to hand fighting on Monday, along with rocks & iron bars. Interesting times we live in...