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  1. RUinFla

    Geo: “Our goal is the National Championship”

    Always nice to open the Palm Beach Post sports page and see RU on the first page, where the ranked teams are. Look, football is OK and so is lacrosse, but I am a basketball fan first, going back to the days of Larry Gordon.
  2. RUinFla

    Score 108 points and get best by 69.

    Bevo Francis lives!! Go, Rio Grande!!
  3. RUinFla

    Eugene O

    Guys, a college kid transferred from Rutgers to another school. It happens. Who knows why that was? Not as if a college kid is an adult with fully-developed reasoning power and common sense. Are we going to dislike him forever for daring to transfer out of our school? Wish him well at...
  4. RUinFla

    What will you do?

    Have had innumerable shots over the years, which happens if you go on multiple trips to the Far East. Some made you sick by giving you a very mild case of whatever the shot was for. Some made your arm a little sore and most had zero side effects. Have had the shingles shot, the annual flu...
  5. RUinFla

    Order of importance

    Agreed. He will start, but maybe not right away and may be better than any freshman not named Cliff. But that is how it goes with building programs. What happens if the NCAA follows through on what some are saying and grants an extra year to everyone? Geo for another year, and what happens...
  6. RUinFla

    Order of importance

    To be fair, there were some posters saying Issa Thiam was a player. Doucore is the space filler a coach takes when almost starting from scratch with a bad team. Doucore. Thiam. Mensah. Bullock. Look at this year's crop. No preseason, total disruption but think they all can play. At least...
  7. RUinFla

    Face it, at best we’re a bubble team again

    Zap, have been a Geo fan since the first game on TV when he was a freshman. He had that"we got this" attitude early on, and he is the leader. If it is a high ankle sprain, we are in real trouble. You know from experience how long they take before an athlete can even practice. Absolutely zero...
  8. RUinFla

    Face it, at best we’re a bubble team again

    The screen names change over the years but the carping remains the same. How many times did people bemoan the loss of Corey Sanders? How many times did people criticize Pike last season, saying the offense should be doing this or that or the defense should be doing this or that? It is the...
  9. RUinFla

    #25 UMich v Oakland

    Richmond beats UK and Oakland (0-4) takes Michigan to OT. Many teams struggling this upside down season.
  10. RUinFla

    GAME 3: Meh

    At this point, we don't know if Mulcahy will develop into a scorer, but he had another fine floor game. Say the numbers again--9 rebounds, 7 assists, a block and a steal. That is contributing even if he doesn't score. Meanwhile. JY had one assist today after getting 6 in the first half...
  11. RUinFla

    Peter Kiss

    All the best to Peter Kiss. He was a great teammate, even though he wasn't going to play. Why carp about his play for another school?
  12. RUinFla

    Jacob Young is our most talented player

    Leadership. It is a talent as much as it is an attribute. His whole attitude says, "We got this", and if you think that is inconsequential, can't help you. Geo is less athletic than several of our guys, and not that fast. But his absence hurts our cohesion.
  13. RUinFla


    Young had a good first half with six assists. Just one in the second half as he was looking for his shot more and playing playground basketball to some extent. The announcers were very pro-Rutgers, but they commented on the somewhat aimless and formless play for part of the second half...
  14. RUinFla

    Purdue 7 footer

    Edey is 7'4, like Haarms. but much more athletic and much more skilled, even as a Freshman. 21 minutes, 17/8. Purdue will play better when they get healthy, but they looked slow.
  15. RUinFla

    GAME 1: Basketball is Back

    Good to check ESPN and see the RU box score on the first page of scores, the page that has the scores of the ranked teams. Tough to see Baker go down, but have believed in Mulcahy since late last season. Nevertheless, Geo has been my favorite current player since the first televised game when...
  16. RUinFla

    Knick's Draft

    OK, transactions fast and furious. Knicks signed Austin Rivers and have him, Burks, Quickley and the holdovers, RJ, Nkitilina and Dennis Smith. And they have SHU's own Myles Powell' They also traded Ed Davis, who they got from Utah last week, to the Timberwolves for two fringe players and...
  17. RUinFla

    Knick's Draft

    Pleased that they re-signed Payton--and he will make 5 mil, not the 8 mil he would have received if the Knicks had not cut him. Guess there was not much of a market for him. Also signed Nerlens Noel, now 26, who was with OKC the last couple of years. Portis has signed with Milwaukee. For...
  18. RUinFla

    Knick's Draft

    OK, Knicks signed veteran PG Alec Burks, now 29, who was with the Warriors and Sixers last year, scoring in double figures both places with relatively low assist totals. Just what we need. A shoot first PG.
  19. RUinFla

    Knick's Draft

    May have given the kiss of death to Elfred Payton by saying he was a serviceable PG for the Knicks. And noting that Oturu's comp was Bobby Portis, as well. The pre-draft hype on Dennis Smith was that he was The Guy, and last year's Knick management was reluctant to give up on Nkitilina mainly...
  20. RUinFla

    Knick's Draft

    Like Toppin, even though he is already 22 and many observers say he has a high floor but a low ceiling. They need someone with energy, with juice, especially if The Guv ever lets fans back into the Garden. Quickley was a mystery, since they have RJ. Didn't see the need for a PG in the draft...