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    Jaden Jones/Mulcahy

    But his minutes don’t reflect that against Wisconsin he had 4 turnovers and 2 points yet Pikell had him in the down the stretch a head scratcher to me as we needed offense
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    Jaden Jones/Mulcahy

    Hawk it just seems that when the ball gets in his hand the offense and ball movement just stop and the epitome of him passing up an open shot was one of the key plays in the Wisconsin game when he had a little 4 footer and passed up that shot and tried a bounce pass which was stolen. I think his...
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    My 100% Prediction

    No given wins but we HAVE to win this game and the next game to get us back on track but as you can see with Minnesota taking down Michigan anyone can beat anyone in this league on any night
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    Jaden Jones/Mulcahy

    Its an interesting question look at Rajon Rondo or Ben Simmons; Rajon never improved his outside shot and had a great career and Simmons can't shoot either but to me there are guys who can work on your shot and I would be shooting a 1000 jumpers a day to improve my shot; Mulcahy has a lot of...
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    GAME 12 Wisconsin: Truth is Rutgers is not a good team

    I agree that he played Paul way too much especially down the stretch but if we sit RHJ than we are playing 4 guard’s which is tough
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    Women's Basketball Postpones Jan. 18 Game at Indiana

    I think one NHL team had 17 of their players with Covid
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    Foul Shooting Disparity

    When we drive our guys just don't seem to get fouls called and I am not sure why
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    OT: Hot Off The Press

    Congrats to Zappa I just read that Dad is being honored by the USPS with a forever stamp that is awesome
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    OT: Zappa Congratulations

    Congrats Zap I just saw they are honoring Dad...
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    Foul Shooting Disparity

    We all know that there have been several games where there was a large number in the number of fouls called and the number of fouls shot by the other teams but last night the game was very fairly referreed and yet before we fouled Wisky at the end the number of fouls were very even yet Wisconsin...
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    Minny 30 Mich 23 at half

    71-48 with 2:47 left
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    10% from 3, 20% FT?

    We didn’t even shoot that many foul shots again compared to Wisky
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    Jaden Jones/Mulcahy

    Lets hope this kid can step in and play ala the OSU guard who I watched the other night and he has to take Mulcahy's minutes he brings nothing to the table on the offensive side except turnovers, the ball just stops moving when it gets in his hands and I can't figure out why when we needed...
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    Shoot with more arc

    agree you can tell it 100% that may have something to do with the ankle injury where he is not getting his legs under his shot
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    Upcoming schedule

    I know what he is saying except we have not had one bad game we have had 5 bad games in a row and there is nothing this team has shown that says we are going to get any better
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    58% Foul Shooting Team Overall

    Yup and of course not including the last few minutes when we had to foul we were still outshot at the line by a wide margin even though the foul calls were very even last night
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    Offense KYK

    Problem is when JY kicks the ball out we have no one who can make a shot and we just don't have anyone now who you can rely on to score one on one or make a 3 pointer on a consistent basis even when RHJ was shooting from the outside they were off of passes he cannot create his own shot from 3
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    The Book Is Out On Pikiell Amongst Big Ten Coaches And This Spells Trouble

    Agree with you 100% as you can see from the other thread I started and what I don't understand is he has two assistant coaches who are supposed to be top notch assistants and guards who don't seem to add anything to this lack of offense; NO BACK screens off the ball, terrible spacing, 4 guys...
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    Offense KYK

    And that’s on your coach and his poor recruiting