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    OT: New York Yankees 2020-2021 Off Season Thread

    He wouldn't have been able to catch on any of the good semi pro teams I played on in my day. Those guys were good receivers.
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    OT: New York Yankees 2020-2021 Off Season Thread

    Do you think in your Father's day he would ever have seen the back of a plate? Would have had to buy a ticket to get into the ball park.
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    85 Bears Defense, 86 Giants Defense

    You're right Zap, wouldn't have happened back then.
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    85 Bears Defense, 86 Giants Defense

    Both amazing defenses. I would give the edge to the Bears by a bit. Don't know the play you're referring to, but in the circumstances you describe both would probably have punted.
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    OT: New York Yankees 2020-2021 Off Season Thread

    In 2020 Sanchez hit .147 in 156 at bats with 23 hits, 10 hrs & 24 rbi's, striking out 64 times. He just got a $1.35 million raise from $5 mil up to $6.5 mil. Not bad work if you can get it. And oh yeah, he's a shoemaker behind the plate. An illustration of just one of the many things wrong with...
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    IMO Myles has been our best player on the court for the last couple of games. Playing strong & aggressively & loose. Due IMO to the refs getting their knees off of his neck, thanks in large measure to Steve Bardo blowing the whistle on them in public. Took a lot of guts. Thank you Steve.
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    GAME 12 Wisconsin: Truth is Rutgers is not a good team

    Yes someone has to break the ice & the team will feed off it.
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    GAME 12 Wisconsin: Truth is Rutgers is not a good team

    This is a good team that is tight, pressing & way off it's game, & is probably losing its confidence. It is now mental. Very tough to turn around, but I've seen it done.
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    Should we consider Firing Pikell?!

    That is correct.
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    Gonna show my age here

    This team is tight, except for Myles & maybe McConnell, & forcing it.
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    Basketball GAME THREAD: Rutgers Hoops vs. Wisconsin

    This Baker stuff at the end of a half or game can't be forced. Move the ball.
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    RU soccer player Amirah Ali drafted - NWSL

    It does not. Says she's coming back.
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    OT: Is Albany Knight Okay?

    Good point now that you mention it. Hope he's OK.
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    Certain Posters Should be Ashamed

    Zappa, looked it up. The nickname was coined in the '30's when, in fact, the Dodgers weren't very good at all. It also came to incorporate the notion of a working class team from the other side of the tracks. So it had both elements associated with it. As far as I know the Dodger fans never...
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    Certain Posters Should be Ashamed

    It wasn't "da bums" as in lousy players. It was more like from the real working class, other side of the tracks borough.
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    Back to our identity

    Right on. And we can run off rebounding. It increases the tempo & that's how we win.
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    Something is wrong

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    No Fans Shows Real Team

    This is a much, much better team than they are showing. They are completely out of sync in so many ways.
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    OT: Greatest Pitch of All-Time?

    Pretty damn impossible pitch to deal with.
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    OT: Tommy Lasorda dead

    Pitched for Schenectady in the old Eastern League. Rip Tommy.