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    My 100% Prediction

    Movement afoot to cancel conference tournaments except for the 1 bid leagues .
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    Minny 30 Mich 23 at half

    Yes I think he will-----our AD will use the Pandemic and whatever else comes to mind to bring him back next season IMO. But that will be it if we are seeing the same results. He made his own bed by opening the season with a way too tough OOC Schedule thinking he had a better team than he...
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    Minny 30 Mich 23 at half

    That to me is as accurate a post as you'll find. We spend much of the winter down here in SC . I have a neighbor who's a hoop junkie and a retired NBA Asst and Scout. He feels that Harper is pressing because he planned on going to the League after this year and his stock is dropping . I...
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    Rutgers 66 Wisc 57
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    GAME 11 OHIO STATE: Speechless

    I agree with this but I think the fan base needs to relax. Teams go through lulls over the course of a season and especially in this environment. Rutgers has good players and a good coach and both will figure it out IMO.
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    Name Your Final Four

    Well Oklahoma has gotten embarrassed in their last 2 appearances. Texas A&M got smoked by Bama in Game 2. You're not crazy enough to think Cincy belongs there are you ?
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    No Shame Notre Dame

    Could happen You don't know that till you get there.
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    Name Your Final Four

    Played 6 games---their conference changed their rules to allow them to play in their Conference Championship Game. But Notre Dame is privileged ? Please Now are they one of the 4 best ? I think they are. But that isn't the issue. They changed the rules they set up at the Big Ten to...
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    No Shame Notre Dame

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    GAME 6 ILLINOIS: This is Rutgers Basketball

    Congrats to the Scarlet Knights and Coach P. Best RU sporting event I've seen since the 2006 Louisville Football game.
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    Seton Hall Game on the table

    No you didn't blow them out the last 2 years----check your facts.
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    Seton Hall Game on the table

    How about FDU , Sacred Heart and Hofstra at home ? Seriously ?
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    Seton Hall Game on the table

    Schedule Ville and Oregon on the road but they're afraid of Rutgers at home ? Sorry----not buying it.
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    SOURCE: The Ohio State vs. Michigan game will be canceled. Expect an announcement soon.

    Clemson beat # 10 ranked Miami giving them their only loss. If you want OSU in the Playoffs root for Bama to beat Florida and ND to beat Clemson. Bama beating Florida alone should do the trick. If Florida beats Bama they're both in no doubt about it. Clemson is in if they beat us...
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    OT: Official NBA draft thread

    At one point last season 2/3 of the # 1 picks were in the G league . 18-19 year olds who need to learn how to play the pro game. The NBA is a grown man's game. College basketball is not.
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    Hats off to Hafley

    Yeah with 3 teams in the Top 10------7th sounds about right. No need to get into how their Champion took out the Big Ten Champion in last years Playoffs either.
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    Ivy League cancels all Winter sports

    Agreed-----he'll end up somewhere .
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    Pat Chambers Out at PSU

    Correct on most counts but I do think he's toxic to many AD's. I could see him a fit at Miami if Larranaga has a bad season . Ditto LSU if Wade gets let go.
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    Pat Chambers Out at PSU

    Toole would want more bucks ? He's at Robert Morris of the NEC in just about the lowest level of D-1 basketball there is. He would crawl over a half mile of broken glass to get a Big Ten HBC job. Pitino will never be contacted by Penn State----bad fit all the way around. Me personally...
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    D-1 Council has voted in favor of giving additional year of eligibility to winter athletes

    If you get paid at all in Europe . Italy , France and Germany are fairly reliable in terms of their clubs paying the players. Others are not. Several of the Asian countries are supposed to be reliable as well . But again not all.