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    Needed That

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    Should’ve put Art in.
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    Football LIVE GAME THREAD: RFootball vs. Purdue

    Of course. bRUtal.
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    Peter Kiss

    Kid can hoop.
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    Jaden Jones (Quick Video)

    It got quicker. Nice!
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    Is today signing day?

    November 11, 2020
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    "One team and all the rest"

    We can get 3 here.
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    Rutgers Ranked Number 7

    Beat Illinois.
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    CBS Sports Preseason Top 25

    It's gonna be a gauntlet again.
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    If you could bring back 3 Schiano Players

    You guys have to stop living in 2006.
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    Minnesota vs. Maryland Game Thread ESPN 7:30 p.m.

    Umm, you've followed Rutgers right?
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    Now we are projected to win a total of 3

    Beat Indiana and everyone believes.
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    Sports Illustrated: October 26, 2020 The Reverberations of RU's Shocking Opening Win Over MSU

    I’d buy that except Pat had no problem paying Pikiell $4m. That extension and price tag came out of nowhere. So I’m convinced Pat just didn’t want Schiano.