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    Wrestling Stephan Glasgow back with Rutgers wrestling

    No Inside Info, but If Nick doesn't come back in January after earning a spot in qualifiers, then I do not expect him to ever come back.
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    OT: As expected, NJ Sports Betting is surging

    This is ultimately the legacy of Chris Christie when all is said and done. He if for anything on the political side should be credited for fighting this when no other state would.
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    PennLive Dumps on Rutgers Football

    Actually it all started with Julie Hermann. That was the biggest mistake, While a Big Ten School in Name, we didn't really start acting like a Big Ten School until Pat Hobbs Arrived on Campus. This set us back 4 years, and Chris Ash not working out exacerbated the issue. Hide sight is always...
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    PennLive Dumps on Rutgers Football

    I didn't read it as a "dump on" article at all. I think it is fairly factual, and brings up the point that we are where we are because of 2 bad hires, thrown in with the incompetence of Julie Hermann's.hire. It is also a great comparison between our Current Struggles and Northwestern's...
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    OT: Korn and Alice in Chains tomorrow in Camden

    An friend of mine in the lighting designer and tech for AIC on this tour
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    Goodale with another Boom!

    For those who don’t know. A st. Ed’s pipeline would be very nice. St. Ed’s has had a graduate of their school become an All America at the NCAA’s now 36 consecutive year. Only 3 things are certain in life. Death,taxes, and St. Ed’s producing an NCAA All American
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    OT: Wrestlemania

    The trains and busses for staff and and fans were a shit show. I punched out at 1:15am waited 10 minutes on a line for my bus back to the employee lot which didn’t move then walked in the rain a mile to get back to my car. For a company who’s primary age demographic is 12-30. I don’t...
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    Goodale Boom?

    While happy for Zach ... I’m indifferent as to him on the college level. He is athletic for his size, but a fear he is a tweener weight wise.
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    Season Ticket Renewals, Redux

    Not on the original list, but you can add me to the list: Had 6 - 3 and 3 for a friend reducing to 4. 2 and 2 for a friend.
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    Rutgers Gymnastics Tops No. 22 Ohio State at Big Five Meet

    Respectfully everyone of Hobb’s hires with the exception of his first have been pretty good. Let’s hope Ash puts it together or Hobbs gets to correct that first mistake.
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    Rutgers Wrestling 2021 commits

    Turley just won a prep title
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    BTN app on Roku

    just conforming it is not just me, but is any one else having issues with the app when attempting to watch non live events. It seems when you attempt to watch anything other than the love feed the app just blocks and goes back to the same screen. Before I raise hell and start fighting for a...
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    Goodale With Another Boom!! Devon Britton To Rutgers

    I know this is a late answer, but I think MVB is certainly going to be behind the 8 ball at 141 next year. One would have to think with all the talent we purposely redshirted this season our lineup is going to look drastically different next season. Not knocking MVB, just saying there is a lot...
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    Goodale With Another Boom!! Devon Britton To Rutgers

    Imagine if you willfor a second if it is Teasdale. 125: Teasdale 133: Suriano 141: Robinson/Lipari 149: Aragona/Benner 157: Glasgow
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    Jafar Williams Asst Coach..leaving Maryland?

    Every year he is a guy that other teams want. He is a future Head Coach, and of all the coaches on staff he is the one that most HS Coaches actually enjoy dealing with. I've actually heard this directly from several NJ Hight School Coaches. You have to ask yourself, How much of our O-line...
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    Jafar Williams Asst Coach..leaving Maryland?

    Blazek is a tough one, because I think he is a great Coach and even better recruiter. I think people don't understand how good a coach he is, and are just caught up in the moment of 11 straight losses. I contend if you retain anyone from this staff it is him.
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    Ash Up On BTN

    agree to disagree on this.
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    Desperately need WRs still

    O line definitely got better today.
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    NJ North (i.e., BC) haul from NJ

    Sometimes Taking all you states best kids is not the way to go....... Look at what happened to Texas under Mack Brown. They would just get every 4 and 5 star Texas kid they wanted, have recruiting wrapped up by October, then continually got worse because they werent going after the right guys...