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    85 Bears Defense, 86 Giants Defense

    I will take Lawrence Taylor as one of my first selections in the best defensive players in NFL history.He made the Giants a championship team.
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    Brackets 1-21

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    NET now 48 as of Monday

    A key stat as compared to last season is that Rutgers already has loss 3 league home games.
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    Bac's Big 10 Rankings

    The way Rutgers has performed the last two weeks is disturbing because they have loss the ability to score even 65 points a game. Number 8 ranking is generous based on earlier success .Michigan State always defeats Rutgers and Indiana and Northwestern will be tough on the road.The season for...
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    On there worse day Iowa will probably score at least 75 points .They have the type of team that will be successful against top level competition ,ie, post player that can score inside and from the 3 point line along with multiple 3 point shooters who also can get to the basket on dribble...
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    BB Recruiting Rutgers showing interest in 2021 forward

    Yes, there is a need for players that are consistent scorers but the power forward position is the position that should have priority.Rutgers has ample supply of guards and small forwards.
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    Minny 30 Mich 23 at half

    Pitino family are great recruiters which follows then wherever they are coaching.I wish Rutgers could recruit a prototype power forward with has height and the ability to score and defend.Its far too many years waiting.
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    Minny 30 Mich 23 at half

    Illinois performance is disappointing with 2 future NBA players not able to win close games.
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    Pike’s Peak and the Harper Valley

    It might be too late when they get 100% healthy..Games are still being played home and away in the interim.
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    It’s Time for a Players-Only Meeting

    Making shots is as important as any improvement on defense.
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    People obviously are looking at there phones more than watching the game

    bac-spot on comments Its difficult to win close games with abysmal foul shooting and the absence of players that can stop scoring droughts.The reasons why players aren't performing up to expectations is a mystery right now .Hopefully,the coaching staff find the remedy.
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    It worked at home in front of sell out crowds but not on the road.
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    Offense KYK

    In the NBA its the normal offense because there are shooters at every position that can create and make shots.In college its a different story where fundamental basketball with passing and screens are needed to get open shots.
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    GAME 12 Wisconsin: Truth is Rutgers is not a good team

    Harper and Baker need to be consistent double digit scorers to complement Young .What we see now is a team struggling to score 60 points which means losses in the B1G.This game was very similar to performances a couple years ago where tough defense and rebounding kept Rutgers in games but the...
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    This team...

    It starts and ends with recruiting.Rutgers has no consistent inside scoring.and the 3 point shooting is mediocre at best.The team plays hard but simply lack consistent scoring threats.Grind out wins has been the method of prior success with a high dependence on defense and rebounding to keep...
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    Last Two Years

    Simple math explain Rutgers losing streak.They are consistently out scored at the foul line which gives opponents a decided advantage.The inability to make shots around the basket causes players to get frustrated while opponents make the baskets or get fouled.The players that are supposed to be...
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    Give me Mike Williams, Corey Sanders, and Deshawn Freeman

    You are what your record shows in league rankings and the trend is heading in the wrong direction for Rutgers.Rutgers was a overachieving team last year inspired by sellout crowds at the RAC.This season started off with Rutgers scoring more points than usually has been the case .The team then...
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    Basketball GAME THREAD: Rutgers Hoops vs. Wisconsin

    The second half was a horror show with both teams shooting bricks.Wisconsin made shots in the last minutes of the game while Rutgers struggles to score 50 points.The pattern of offensive futility is becoming the norm which is disturbing.There wasn't one player that stepped up in crunch time to...
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    Offense KYK

    Player development can only take teams so far.Recruiting higher level talent is a must because B1G opponents have better shooters.Wisconsin wins 60-54 in another abysmal offensive performance by Rutgers.
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    Basketball GAME THREAD: Rutgers Hoops vs. Wisconsin

    There has been clear regression in the performance of players the month of January..It partly due to opponents watching tape on Rutgers which have limited open shots.A far bigger problem is Rutgers lacks players that can shoot off the dribble.They are basically stationary shooters except when...