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  1. bigmatt718

    Top New Jersey Baseball Players

    Starting to dive into South Jersey with a couple Audubon recruits and a Gloucester Catholic recruit. Some talent in those small South Jersey schools.
  2. bigmatt718 James Kratch: B10 Return Could Be Boost For Greg Schiano, Rutgers

    100% agreed. I love the idea of a conso game at the end of the season as a last chance to qualify for a bowl or improve a team's bowl resume.
  3. bigmatt718

    OT: NJ taxes

    The longer Murphy is in office, the more I think the guy is just a complete imbecile and in over his head. Millionaires will leave for FL or the Carolinas and think nothing of it. The rich doesn't pay taxes in this country...too many loopholes.
  4. bigmatt718

    USA Today writer: “Darkest day in Big Ten history”

    Lol I can outcook her in a kitchen, on a grill, and on a smoker. She's mine if she stays in the kitchen.
  5. bigmatt718

    OT: 2021 US News College rankings

    Northeastern is the poster child for overrated, expensive, private college.
  6. bigmatt718

    Elite Girls Heading to Rutgers Soccer

    Easier to recruit in state in the B1G playing real schools unlike playing Catholic schools in the BE or a bunch of directional Florida schools and Temple in the AAC.
  7. bigmatt718

    Rutgers Wrestling Checks in at No. 11

    Is that before or after Suriano decided to drop to 125 so he can avenge his loss to Spencer Lee? That's a pretty important detail.
  8. bigmatt718

    Suriano to Wrestle if We Have a Season!

    Yep Colucci at Heavy is who I meant lol. Thanks for the catch.
  9. bigmatt718

    Suriano to Wrestle if We Have a Season!

    Iron sharpening iron. Aguilar if he's patient could be a legit AA after spending time with Suriano. With Suriano at 125, on paper this easily is RU's best team ever: 125 Suriano 133 Alvarez 141 Sea Bass 149 Vulakh (Aragona RS) 157 MVB (Angelo backup/RS?) 165 Kanniard (Donner backup) 174 Grello...
  10. bigmatt718

    OT: Rider University is slashing tuition by $10K next year, hopes to eliminate ‘sticker shock’

    Smart move for Rider as they are in serious danger. Wonder if SHU does the same. The only private schools in NJ that shouldn't be threatened are Princeton and possibly Stevens.
  11. bigmatt718

    Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse Announces Newcomers

    Wonder if schools like Lenape or Haddonfield are producing D1 talent. Lenape has been a top tier South Jersey public team for a few years now.
  12. bigmatt718

    OT: NHL Playoff Thread

    Trotz is a class act and I hope the Isles take out the Lightning in the ECF. Flyers finally have a goalie to build around for the first time since Hextall and need to now build around him. I think Fletcher will start to try to move away from the vets who have been underachievers for years like...
  13. bigmatt718

    OT: NHL Playoff Thread

    Nothing will age you faster than a Game 7 Stanley Cup Playoff game if you're a fan of one of the team's playing in it. Flyers have all the momentum now with Hart playing out of his mind. Tremendous series by both teams, and I bet the winner takes out the Bolts in the ECF.
  14. bigmatt718

    Rutgers Men’s Lacrosse Announces Newcomers

    Happy to see South Jersey starting to produce some D1 Lax talent. The game is growing in South Jersey at the youth and HS level, so it's only a matter of time before more D1 talent is ready to be harvested.
  15. bigmatt718

    Rutgers Track and Field Appoints Jelley as Women’s Distance Coach

    I'm interested to know as well. On paper looks like an excellent hire and it's cool that they may finally be taking XC seriously now. Wonder if Mulqueen hangs it up and Farrell can get a young stud Men's XC coach as well.
  16. bigmatt718

    OT: Bourbon/Whiskey

    Has anyone gotten their hands on Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel yet? Just arrived in NJ this week I believe.
  17. bigmatt718

    Which Are The Best Colleges in New Jersey? Ranks Them in New List

    Id argue that RU-NB and Stevens should be tied at 2nd but I am ok with the rankings. If anyone besides Princeton and Stevens were ahead of RU-NB, I'd have serious objections.
  18. bigmatt718

    OT: Bourbon/Whiskey

    Hoping to score 1792 FP tomorrow as I've struck out on Stagg Jr for the most part in South Jersey.