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    RU's best ever NFL player?

    Although not a candidate for our top NFL performer he is perhaps the most rarely mentioned Scarlet Knight given his lengthy NFL career. That's Jay Bellamy. He was good enough to put together a 14 year career in the NFL which is quite an achievement.
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    OT: Chadwick Boseman RIP

    Many people don't start to get screened for colon cancer until age 50 or so if they haven't had any symptoms or family history of it. Sadly it's occasionally too late for some of them.
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    OT: Are there any non-bigbox sporting goods stores anymore?

    Solomons Sporting Goods in Elizabeth was a popular go-to-place If you grew up in Union County during the 60's and 70's,
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    Blackshear Denied Waiver

    Apparently it was unexpected by the VT staff and/or whoever else was advising Blackshear. Per SI... "Raheem Blackshear's waiver for immediate eligibility was denied by the NCAA. We were shocked and saddened, but will work through the appeals process," head coach Justin Fuente said on Friday...
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    Blackshear Denied Waiver

    Blackshear - tough break for him if this holds up. 2019 was his red-shirt year and not being eligible for 2020 will presumably eat up a year of eligibility for him.
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    OT: Trini Lopez dead at 83

    I saw him being the opening act for Bob Hope at the Garden State Arts Center in 1975. He was a very good professional entertainer.
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    OT: Don Henley is 73 Today

    I saw the Eagles in 1976 at Rooselvelt Stadium Jersey City with Boz Scaggs. The Beach Boys played there a month later.
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    OT: Don Henley is 73 Today

    Unfortunately not having the amazing Brian Wilson touring with them for years following his mental health issues soured their live appeal to me.
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    COVID-19 Pandemic: Transmissions, Deaths, Treatments, Vaccines, Interventions and More...

    It was my doctors directive and he wrote a prescription specifically for it. Made no difference to me.
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    COVID-19 Pandemic: Transmissions, Deaths, Treatments, Vaccines, Interventions and More...

    Be sure to find out if they require the nasal swab test or if the antibody test results will do. I'm having an elective medical procedure next week and they require the nasal swab test taken within 96 hours of my procedure.
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    Ways To Get Fans In The Stands

    Credit to Chris Ash for causing the social distancing of fans well before it became law.
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    OT: Mortgage Refinancing

    it would help if everyone listed the APR that went along with the interest rates being quoted since the APR is a more definitive measure of the true cost of a mortgage because it includes the interest rate plus other costs such as broker fees, discount points and some closing costs, expressed...
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    OT: LG Refrigerator Issues

    We still have a working freezer/fridge Whirlpool Harvest Gold color from the 1970's that we keep in our garage. It came with the house we bought in 1993. Never had a service call.
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    OT: Baseball Trivia

    Joe D would be one.
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    OT: Yogi's 95th birthday is today

    Mike graduated Irvington in 1970. His brother Gary was 4 years younger. Happy Birthday Yogi!
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    OT: Yogi's 95th birthday is today

    Bob72, as an aside, did you know the Malgieri's when they lived in Irvington before moving to Clark? I understand that Mike was a pretty good ballplayer before injuring his shoulder.
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    What Happened to Tom Luicci?

    I believe he's now the Media Manager at Monmouth Park Racetrack.
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    So I guess RB Coach Kolby Smith is out?

    I wonder why the delay in removing his name on the roster of coaches?
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    Football Michael Maietti enters transfer portal

    I'm thinking that most power 5 schools want plug in and play grad guys not projected 2nd stringers.
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    Football Hunter Hayek enters portal

    [ Frankly, we had at least 12 receivers that had no business being on a power 5 roster.