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    OT: Voting by mail (non political)

    Hunterdon County ballots were all sent out as of early this week. I got mine Wed. Many secure drop boxes around the county that will be under continuous surveillance with daily pickup if you'd prefer that to mail - your choice. Lucky to have one within a mile of my house.
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    OT: Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

    Wow prepare for the battle for the Pied Piper of the Ignorant to move at warp speed to get a nominee in.
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    John Thompson RIP

    If you want to know how big the Big East was with Georgetown, St Johns, Syracuse, and the rest, just look at this:
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    OT: Meet the little-known Rutgers guy who could be the next ESPN radio star

    As expected when it was announced, that new morning ESPN radio show is unlistenable. It won’t last long. They’ll be calling Golic Sr to come back by next spring.
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    OSU and Iowa parents demanding answers and change of BIG decision to not play Fall FB

    If by "different" she means "dumber" then OK. This Katrina Miller would have lawsuits filed against everyone except the equipment manager if her son died of Covid because they played.
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    Purdue releases detailed proposal for 2021 football...

    Seems interesting that Purdue has a plan of its own. I would call this more of a "proposal" than a plan
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    OT: Empty apartments in Manhattan reach record high, topping 13,000

    ru66 - You don't need to be a psychic. Most big corporations employing large office staff have delayed return to the office until Jan 1 and at least one very large bank's return to work only contemplates 50% of the workforce EVER coming back into the office on a full time basis if at all. Work...
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    Message from Ron Harper Jr.

    You know this is an excellent observation. We have three NJ HS superstars in three consecutive classes and a senior, Geo, who Pike saw had high character and bball skills that everyone else underestimated and coached him into a great player and great leader.
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    Big Night on Ebay For Rutgers Football Championship Rings

    For this price they should include ring re-sizing
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    Canceling the Season is the Right Thing to Do

    For those who say stay the course and just play.....give us your reaction to this scenario, which by law of large numbers isn't far-fetched, in fact it might be likely: What if one - just ONE - player contracts the virus in week 2 and dies because of how the virus interacts with an underlying...
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    Big Night on Ebay For Rutgers Football Championship Rings

    Well whoever Dolan is has very small fingers. Not many adult men could wear a 7.5 except maybe on their pinky.
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    New uniforms released Monday 8/3

    Agree slight tweaks. Probably get rid of the "Rollerball" style number font and return to more block style numbers. As for shoulder stripe, I can take or leave. Hopefully not too much more drastic changes than that.
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    Chambers in Hot Water

    This. Once again, the idiots in crappy valley who run the place make a situation that could have been over and done with an apology and meeting with the family much much worse. Sending him to a psychologist signals that he did something wrong, and the comment that "you have to deal with his...
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    OT: Shingles, ever had them?

    Thanks Doc, you're absolutely wrong.
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    OT: Lance Armstrong - 30 for 30

    Sure is, if it wasn't doping, it was the addition of little hidden electric motor assists on the bikes. 60 Minutes did a great piece on it a few years back.
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    Jaden Jones

    like the quick release
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    Oscar tweet from Nick Brooks

    So that's what games will look like with no fans in the stands.
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    OT: Belmont Stakes to be run June 20th with no spectators

    The arguments for shortening the race don't make sense.
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    Dr Fauci States That Students Probably Won't Return To Campuses For Fall Semester

    I have a student at Purdue and have to say, Mitch Daniels putting a stake in the ground for opening campus for fall 20 semester landed on me with mixed feelings. Here's the video he sent: