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    OOC Schedule - Covid. Some tidbits.....

    Someone said maybe December 8 or 9. I don't know if that is correct or not. Our original date at MSG was supposedly 12/8.
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    College basketball rankings: Preseason Power 36

    I think we were like # 273 when Steve was hired. He has been a true BLESSING yet still some kept criticizing him. They don't know how lucky we are that he is our coach. He had a plan and has stuck to it. He has done what so many other coaches have failed to do. We are well respected by most now...
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    Andy Katz March Madness PODCAST

    It is nice to see Andy has RU at # 13.
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    OOC Schedule - Covid. Some tidbits.....

    Our exempt tournament was supposed to have Miami (Ohio), Holy Cross and Central Connecticut. It would be nice to get to 27 if possible but I don't know if this tournament will happen or not. At least 2 of the teams are rather close. Maybe a NJ team could fill a slot there if Miami didn't want to...
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    OT: Temple at Navy postponed

    Who really cares. Hardly anyone attends a Temple game. Rhule was very good but usually Temple is just nothing to write home about.
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    Basketball Basketball on Nov. 25

    It seems we can only have between 5 and 7 OOC games. I assume we will play Baylor in Orlando and SHU at the PRU Center. If we don't play our RU Tourney with Miami (Ohio), Holy Cross and Central Connecticut we might only get 5 OOC games. I wonder if there will be no Gavitt game or BIG-ACC...
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    Schedule Update / Eight Plus One

    I think this schedule is the best RU can hope for. Now how many wins can RU get?
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    Sad News Regarding Brian Sheridan

    I keep hoping that this story is not correct. It is hard to believe that there still is no official announcement either way.
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    Sad News Regarding Brian Sheridan

    Brian was outstanding at Rutgers and Union H.S. and even became Head Coach at Union for a while. He and Rusty Schwartz were both outstanding linebackers at RU and both have now passed if this story is true. Rusty died I think in 1999 from a drowning accident on the Delaware River. I knew him so...
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    Rothstein's Big Ten Preseason First-Team

    Geo's average during his injury period pulled down his overall average drastically. Some people realize how good and valuable he is and some do not. I am just glad he is on our team.
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    Rothstein: Greg Gard Expect Rutgers to be a major factor at the top of the league

    It is nice to see we are getting some real respect. Now we just have to show that we deserve it.
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    Rothstein's Big Ten Preseason First-Team

    This is so wonderful to see. Geo has worked so hard. I hope he makes first team this season.
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    Listen to Coach Pikiell talk about Rutgers off season routine and what fans can expect after last year's breakout season

    That was wonderful to listen to Coach Pikiell once again. He gets me excited for a possible season. Hoping for the best. Thank you for posting.
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    Big Cliff

    Cliff should be a very important part of our RU team.
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    Pikiell talks to On the Banks

    Coach didn't really say much about Big Cliff. I hope he is doing well.
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    Pikiell talks to On the Banks

    A very good article by Aaron and Coach Pikiell is on top of everything. We are so lucky to have him as our coach.
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    Every year teams lose good players and need to find replacements for them. The really good teams just reload each year. Yeboah was a very special player and was so respected by his teammates but I believe we have a lot of experience returning and our guys keep working and improving. Steve...
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    Ron Harper Jr. alley-oops

    Very nice to see. Ron is a special player.
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    John Thompson RIP

    John Thompson was an outstanding coach. My prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family.