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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/22

    I do recall you saying that there was “coronavirus hysteria” in the media, in regard to the Trump rally that ultimately killed Herman Cain. You clearly implied that the “hysteria” was to hurt Trump, when in reality the “hysteria” would have saved lives if Trump would’ve listened. Not everything...
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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/22

    I thought this was all a plot to hurt Trump? Due to the spikes you just mentioned, big parts of Europe are shutting down again, including conservative governments. They’re all in on it too? How about India & Brazil with leaders who like Trump? Why did they join the conspiracy? Or maybe, just...
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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/22

    I’ll call BS on that. The old threads were an excellent place for information-gathering regarding Covid. You got links and analysis from both sides of the aisle. There was more and more partisan bickering as time went on, but even towards the end it was still valuable. We all have our biases...
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    OT: Stock and Investment Talk

    Pfizer seems to be everyone’s best guess for a Covid vaccine. Them and Regeneron might be good buys now, any thoughts?
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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/21

    Any updates on Regeneron? I believe we were originally supposed to get trial data by the end of the summer, and then they pushed it back to end of September? Correct?
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    Hafley Debut Not So Bad

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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/18

    Who called it a hoax? Trump speaks at a 4th grade level. Glad you acknowledge that she and the countless other anti-masking Trumpsters, such as bac (see above), are crazy!
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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/18

    Can’t stress enough how much I dislike Biden, but if the constant videos like these don’t make your blood boil enough to want to vote the current prez out, nothing will.
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    OT: Daily Covid thread 9/18

    You sure you don’t want to rephrase that?
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    Andy Katz: Top Returning Players 10-6 & 5-1 In The Country

    Nice try. If Steph shot under 30% from 3, that analogy might have kinda sorta not really worked. But he doesn’t. People compare players across positions in every sport, all the time. They have to in order to, ya know, pick a player in the draft, put together rankings like these, or just really...
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    FB Recruiting Rutgers lands 2022 WR Addison Copeland

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    This will be interesting. I see three gimme’s...
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    OT: Why a house is not a good investment

    Varies by location but it’s actually 6% in Nova
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    OT: Why a house is not a good investment

    I’m in a $1.5mil house in Arlington, VA also not 10 mins from DC and the property taxes are $11k. My parents house in Bridgewater, NJ is about $850k and the property taxes are about $16.5k. Virginia also has a 5% property tax on vehicles, though.
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    Depth Chart Thoughts

    Peyton Powell, apparently he’s starting out at QB (was likely promised a shot), but those “in the know” strongly believe he’ll be switched to WR or DB rather quickly. My guess, based on very little, is that he’ll play safety for us. But not much this year.
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    Ask The Experts, presented by JFQ Lending

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    Depth Chart Thoughts

    Roger that, good to hear. And very interested to see how he and Paillant look against our DL. If they can hold their own maybe we’ve got a shot.
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    Depth Chart Thoughts

    Bumping since it looks like we may play football in a month.
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    OT: Daily COVID Thread - 9/15

    You’re a different kind of sheep, the worst kind that truly believes they’re thinking for themselves but in reality is doing nothing of the sort. You probably do some research, but only through sources you “trust,” ignoring all others. That, in my opinion, makes you a sheep. You sure are...
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    Football More RFootball practice / workout photos

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