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  1. StyleKnight

    OT: McClung to the portal

    Why does this board have to be so negative? If this kid can improve on his defense and point guard skills he will have a chance at the NBA. Maybe Texas Tech gives him the best chance to improve on those.
  2. StyleKnight

    Can the unfortunate virus situation help our recruiting?

    I don't think any of the current commits are locals.
  3. StyleKnight

    Basketball NCAA Tournament Cancelled, RU Screw strikes again

    You’re spreading ignorance. You want to wait until every hospital in America is filled up? By then it will be too late to act.
  4. StyleKnight

    Hysteria, Hysteria

    The level of ignorance on this thread is incredible. Look at what is happening in Italy. Italy thought they were fine a few weeks ago. Now there are no hospital beds available, doctors and nurses don’t have proper protection. If you think the USA healthcare is so much better than Italy’s you are...
  5. StyleKnight

    Maryland Flash Mob

    Why would it get you banned? Maryland’s flash mob is awesome. One of the many reasons why college basketball is so much fun.
  6. StyleKnight

    Top NJ Recruits visiting Rutgers for Md Game!!!

    Probably stuck in traffic like the rest of us.
  7. StyleKnight

    Top NJ Recruits visiting Rutgers for Md Game!!!

    I didn’t see them go on the court.
  8. StyleKnight

    RAC Getting Power Washed

    Arsenal puts up new posters every year to update the players. This type of concept would be simple. And Roofs are typically built with an overhang so that the water drips from the overhang and doesn’t run down the face of the building. It’s very common to get leaks and mold if you don’t use an...
  9. StyleKnight

    BigTen Tournament As Of:

    Don’t want to play Michigan again
  10. StyleKnight

    Cliff details great Rutgers Visit

    if that’s the case hopefully the kid doesn’t get Wisemanned.
  11. StyleKnight

    Turgeon a clown as usual

    They were backhanded compliments. This team still doesn’t get any respect. I think the dude said ‘72 hours’ ten times. These are teenagers playing basketball, they’re not recovering from an Ironman. All this bull about being fresh is garbage.
  12. StyleKnight

    BB Recruiting RHoops in Top Six for 2021 G/F Jaden Jones

    I guess you haven’t heard of Kawhi Leonard.
  13. StyleKnight

    Zavier Simpson situation comes out

    Even without taking the breathalyzer there are a minimum of 2 misdemeanors: filing a false police report and leaving the scene of an accident.
  14. StyleKnight

    Ron & Geo Slump Last 4-5 games

    Yes Geo’s thumb seems to be an issue. And Ron has not been driving with authority like earlier in the year. I’m not sure what’s going on but the few times he does drive he trips over himself. I’m wondering why Jacobs isn’t getting more minutes with these guys struggling. At least Mulcahy and...
  15. StyleKnight

    Saquon in video with all time greats already

    So Barkley was in a promotional video for the NFL? Who would you prefer they use Tyreek Hill?
  16. StyleKnight

    I think Chris Ash is the Best X's and O's Coach we've ever had

    Where would be without Mehringer’s twitter enthusiasm.
  17. StyleKnight

    Rivals App Updated Again, Opinions needed

    The website is so much better, even from your phone.
  18. StyleKnight

    What Happened to Tom Luicci?

    What did he do at Rutgers?
  19. StyleKnight

    Would you want this Job?

    My one criticism of the student section is when they chant "Ref, you suck" at the refs. I think it's completely immature and we should be above it. I don't know when this became an accepted part of fandom but I wish it would stop. I realize it won't ever stop while I'm typing this and is...
  20. StyleKnight

    Is reentry allowed Saturday at MSG

    Sucks but with all the security in NYC you gotta expect that. Are you allowed to bring a porkroll egg and cheese sandwich from home? Or is there no outside food allowed?