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    Ex-Rutgers swim coach: I wouldn't have been fired if I were a man

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    One Projected NCAA lax bracket 4/24: Rutgers not in

    I mentioned this in another thread.....This reporter covered Syracuse and the ACC extensively for I don't know if that is why he placed 4 ACC teams in the bracket??? His name is Patrick Stevens.....
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    First time ever watching a complete LAX game

    Actually, its the team closest to the ball when it goes out of bounds on a shot that gets possession. That's why you see players extend their arms (stick doesn't count). This is only a shot though...turnovers are turnovers changing possession.
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    Lax Bracketology #2

    The writer of this article was a writer for the site and covers ACC sports including Syracuse lacrosse. I'm sure its not biased towards those organizations at all..........
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    RUMLAX 14 Syracuse 10

    We saw them signal offsides. I turned and immediately counted 3 plus the goalie so offsides didn't make sense. Too many men on the field maybe??
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    OT: Major winter storm 3/20-21?

    Absolutely nothing in the middle of Sussex County so far
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    Huge win...Men's Lax beat #12 'Cuse

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    Who's Going to RU Lax vs Cuse Tomorrow?

    Going with our youth lacrosse team!!
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    RUMLAX vs Robert Morris Tomorrow

    Definitely interested....thanks!! Knutelsky5 at gmail dot com
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    RUMLAX vs Robert Morris Tomorrow

    Purchased 5 season tickets for the family. Can't wait!!
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    OT: It's "Guido vs Hillbilly" WEEK!!! YES!!!

    If this West Virginia couple eventually gets divorced, are they still brother & sister??
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    Youth lax clubs

    Thanks for your input. My son is a 2023 and is typically one of the better athletes on the field. He uses both hands very well. We thought about BBL because one of his rec teammates plays for them. As it turns out, a bunch of his rec teammates also made the Thunder squad. For 2 working...
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    Youth lax clubs

    Any feedback about the NJ Thunder Elite team out of Mount Olive?
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    LAX Ranking Updates

    So...Albany loses at home to Maryland in regulation this past Wednesday night and how are they punished in the polls??? They go from #5 to #5 ?!? RU loses at home to Maryland last night in 3OT with multiple chances to win and how are they punished in the polls??? They go from #11 to #14?!? I...
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    Game Day Observations-Non Game Related-How Was Tailgating?

    My son and I were talking about this at the game Saturday night. The one BIG time it doomed us was at the Louisville game for the outright AAC Championship the year before we left for the B1G iirc. We were winning after the 3rd and they played this song between Quarters. Sucked the life out...
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    how young is too young to bring a kid to an RU game?

    Looks...yes. Acts....??? Typical teen
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    how young is too young to bring a kid to an RU game?

    Hate to admit it, but my wife and I brought our 3 year one time and told him to sit in the stroller (they were allowed in the stadium back in 2004) and pretend he was a baby. We scoped the ticket takers out to ensure that a student took our tickets because they wouldn't know the difference...
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    OT Great movie lines

    "You can't handle the truth!" Jack Nicholson - A Few Good Men
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    New Jersey High School Uniforms and B1G Teams

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