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    OT: The Thing 1951

    I was there as well. Went to a lot of movies back then, but it is the only movie that I can specifically remember seeing at a drive in. Miss the drive-in theaters. Frequented the Amboy drive in, as well as the one on route 188 in East Brunswick & the one on route one in North Brunswick
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    OT: Murder in North Brunswick

    A couple things, I don’t follow Cali’s posts like some of you, but the criticism seems harsh. This is a forum not a memorial site. He said ZERO negative or callous in regards to the tragic loss of life. His statement may be considered political in nature & that’s fair on this type site. I...
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    Gonna miss...Army-Navy

    That story about you getting married is one of the better stories I’ve read recently. Awesome! As for this restroom story, I have to shake my head. There’s not many public restrooms where a person lying on its’ floor would be considered the brains of the outfit.
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    OT: Outdoor dining

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    OT: Outdoor dining

    Ate dinner in Spring Lake last night at Bareli’s By the Sea. Nice setting, looking out at the ocean in the Grand Victorian. a little pricey, but good food. Also had lunch last week in North Brunswick at the Bar & Bistro (old Sir Johns), which is on Lake Farrington. Great happy hour. Drove past...
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    Congrats to Savon Huggins

    What I remember most about Savon’s days here at Rutgers is his father‘s tailgating. He was great with the BBQ grilling. Great guy! That was back when many of the players families were parking in the white lot.
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    Favorite Moments/Plays from Louisville 2006 Game

    My favorite Louisville moment happened a couple days after the game. My daughter was being baptized and I brought her to church early to gloat and show the Seton hall priest, that she was wearing a bright red bib with the block R over her white baptismal dress. During mass he stopped & asked...
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    OT: Point Pleasant?

    Everything is relative. As one poster said, the better choice is much farther south. When you look at things nearby however, it is much better than Seaside for families. It also depends on what hour of the day or evening you’re there, especially when bars reopen
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    OT: Facebook Censorship

    I understand that Candace Owens video about George Floyd has been removed from some social media sites, ridiculous.
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    Any of you live in Seaside ?

    Half of new Brunswick is in Midway. Normandy Beach, which is on the island 1/2 way between PointPleasant & Sleezeside is half Brick Township and half either Toms River or Dover Township. So that’s where the dividing line is.
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    OT: Belmont Stakes to be run June 20th with no spectators

    Thanks, that’s pretty much what I said. That didn’t change 20 years ago however, it changed this year. Changing it permanently, you’d have to put an asterisk next to any future Triple Crown winner.
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    OT: Belmont Stakes to be run June 20th with no spectators

    While winning a 1 1/2 mile race may not do a lot for breeding value, winning any Triple Crown race certainly helps. There is a reason that the race has been run at the distance for so long. Yes, the distance can scare away some trainers & horses, but in a normal year it has always been the...
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    OT: Belmont Stakes to be run June 20th with no spectators

    As far as horses running, what makes this year any different? In fact, I’d think they’d be more inclined since they wouldn’t have to go through the rigors of a 3rd triple crown race, especially at 1 1/2 miles, after having run in the previous legs. Most horses training probably hasn’t been...
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    OT: Moving - need town suggestions

    yes, but you’re also paying more upfront, so it evens out. No use worrying too much about a school system, if you don’t have kids
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    Scarlet Fever Selling Rutgers Masks Again

    Can we place an order and pick it up at the store by appointment?
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    OT: Moving - need town suggestions

    more important, do you even have children now? If not, then why spend the money on a town with better schools when the average person moves every 5 to 7 years.
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    A Thread Dedicated to Rutgers Football Rarities and Memorabilia

    Tried to post a pic of a small crazy looking Rutgers guy I have, but apparently I don’t know how to post a picture. Anybody want to tell me how it’s done?
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    A Thread Dedicated to Rutgers Football Rarities and Memorabilia

    Don’t know where I got this guy
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    OT: RIP Jerry Stiller

    Norton, Barney, Kramer, Berta, Mr. Costanza, Arthur - some of the great names of actors on the undercard, who stole the show
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    OT: The Osprey in Manasquan closed for 2020 summer season

    I was at JB’s Sea Girt Inn one July 4th. Used the bathroom downstairs and looked up and the floor had to be moving 6 inches. I just don’t know how it didn’t cave-in. Memories of Salvation . Wasn’t Chuckie the lead singer? I bartended at the Royal Manor (North Brunswick) for several years. That...