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  1. iReC89

    OT: Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

    RIP RBG Very sad loss.
  2. iReC89

    Still Cracking Me Up - Good Stuff

    Funny - well done
  3. iReC89

    Schedule Update / Eight Plus One

    I think I like this, but lets see how it goes. Forfeits could make things interesting depending on how they are factored into rankings
  4. iReC89

    Football Mohamed Sanu to the 49ers

    Good for Sanu! I look forward to watching him play. Should be some good games coming up.
  5. iReC89

    OT: National Anthem at Yankee Stadium by Gabe Vitalone, 98 Years Old, WWII Vet, in Patton's 3rd

    Nice job. Goofy piano arrangement though took away from him.
  6. iReC89

    Rutgers not changing it’s NO Vote

    Doesn’t sound like he is opposed to playing. He just wants other schools to set up their testing game, and maybe that can happen. There certainly is enough money at stake to pay for it.
  7. iReC89

    Pats release Sanu

    Brady was awful at the end of his Patriot career and it hurt Sanu. Hope he lands with a team closer to home soon. Where’ve he goes, that’s a team I’ll watch.
  8. iReC89

    Red dot

    New sponsor? ..
  9. iReC89

    OT: F-15s dropping flares over Bridgewater

    Anyone catch the pair of osprey helicopters last weekend around 4:10 in Asbury Park? Pretty cool. They came from inland and turned up the shore line
  10. iReC89

    OT: One word thread

  11. iReC89

    Spring football......

    So will there be a Fall game?
  12. iReC89

    BigTen's Pending Cancelation of Football

    It’s a shame they can’t at least play some scrimmages. The kids are locked into leases and will be on campus anyway except they won’t have a season to help keep them out of trouble.
  13. iReC89

    Football Rutgers Football COVID Outbreak doubles, extends to staff

    kids will be kids. Hope they are all negative soon. Of course this has to be the first summer my kid is in NB. Hope the rest learn something from this. smh,
  14. iReC89

    Full RU football team quarantined

    Doesn’t take much for one house to get screwed up, although I don’t know that’s what happened. Ugh. Hopefully they can test and resume next week. My bet is they are not done yet.
  15. iReC89

    OT: Comet Neowise

    Drove to a dark area and found it with binoculars last night. Went home and found similar view practically under a street light lol. Knowing where to look helped a lot. Using the big dipper as a reference was more helpful then the skywalk app.
  16. iReC89

    Per Politi: No fans this year for Giants/Jets/Rutgers (RU - 500 max for coaches / players family)

    It’s not worth getting worked up over any numbers that far off - everything changes by the day.
  17. iReC89

    FB Recruiting Shawn Munnerlyn to Rutgers

    Nice commitment! Go RU!!!