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  1. RU Leonard 23

    Dinner Suggestions for Tonight

    Hey all- Realize I can google, but looking for a recommendation. It's been awhile since I've been to a game and I'm going tonight. We usually always hit up Applebees prior to the game, but the girlfriend isn't a fan haha. Any recommendations in Piscataway for dinner? We'd be somewhat...
  2. RU Leonard 23

    NCAA record tied for fewest points in half 4

    That was awesome lol
  3. RU Leonard 23

    Tonight's Crowd

    Hopefully the students are out in full force!
  4. RU Leonard 23


    Post email and I’ll shoot you a note
  5. RU Leonard 23


    Email sent
  6. RU Leonard 23

    Black Lot pass available

    For Northwestern. must be able to pick up in Hoboken/Newark area. Post your email and I’ll reach out to you.
  7. RU Leonard 23

    Illinois- black lot pass + 2 in 108 Row 5 *huge discount*

    $30 total. Post your email and I’ll reach out. Must be able to meet up in Hoboken/Newark area.
  8. RU Leonard 23

    OT: Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

    anyone make their own? I got a simple starter kit at home for Christmas as I’m a big fan of cold brew. Looking forward to expanding and trying new flavors. Anyone into this and have experience?
  9. RU Leonard 23

    OT: Something sweet to hear!

    Gotta love it!
  10. RU Leonard 23

    Anyone see a line out of curiosity?

    Anyone bet online? It’s been years since I used Bodog but don’t believe it alllows NJ residents anymore
  11. RU Leonard 23

    Army - Navy game

    Same here!!
  12. RU Leonard 23

    1 Ticket for sale for Mich State, 200 level, below face

    Electronic ticket? Meet up? Venmo? If I can get work covered and take it but won’t know for a little. Just wondering on the transaction :)
  13. RU Leonard 23

    1 Ticket for sale for Mich State, 200 level, below face

    I might be interested....just trying to finalize a work conflict. Will reach out if I can swing it. How much is parking? Can’t seem to remember.
  14. RU Leonard 23

    When have we played at Yankee Stadium (new one) and against who?

    was it just Notre Dame?
  15. RU Leonard 23

    Anyone going to Tally Ho?

    My buddy owns the bar. I’m going either way.
  16. RU Leonard 23

    Anyone going to Tally Ho?

    Guessnot lol
  17. RU Leonard 23

    Anyone going to Tally Ho?

    thinking about walking over.
  18. RU Leonard 23

    OT- Mini Goldendoodle

    I donate to local shelters and also volunteer my time in Mt Pleasant. That's my way of giving back.