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  1. ScarletDave

    Who’s R quarterback ?

    We have been tortured with Interceptions since Gary Turnova. PSU game, Kent State game, Va Tech bowl game. All gut wrenching losses where Gary threw 5, 6, and 5 INTS. Sitkowski I can’t believe that stat, 5 TDs 20 INTS!?!? That has to be the biggest change. For that alone have to play Vedral
  2. ScarletDave

    Who’s R quarterback ?

    1 month until the season. What’s our roster, and what are the predictions for the depth chart at this spot? Who starts? What separates who from who? Frosh? Transfer? Sitkowski?
  3. ScarletDave

    OT: Arkansas vs. Georgia this weekend!

    After a few weeks of half-football it will really start to feel like fall this Saturday with the SEC back (as much as I hate to say it). Then full time fall in a few weeks once the B1G returns .. I can enjoy the old Tulsa-North Texas game mixed in with the rest, but only having those kind of...
  4. ScarletDave

    Beat Michigan State..Let's Go

    I’m excited about the Baylor QB transfer who was a scrambler .. #1 dual-threat QB in his class or something... any word on him?
  5. ScarletDave

    Notre Dame-Wake Forest game postponed-COVID

    Notre Dame: -ALL students on campus (ie lots of parties, library time, classroom time) -Students allowed in stadium compare to RU: Basically no students on campus no attendance allowed
  6. ScarletDave

    Football Rutgers O/U set at 1.5 wins on the season

    With Schiano on the helm easy to pick the over. OSU is an easy over as well. Are they really going to only get 8 wins ? There’s 9 games guaranteed plus a bowl/playoff. So 10 games. They won’t lose twice
  7. ScarletDave

    Coastal Carolina

    Wow - I totally missed the boat on this - Coastal Carolina is FBS NOW ?? Wow, I had no idea they joined the Sun Belt. So how many Sun Belt teams beat Big XII teams last week LOL ??! Coastal over Kansas Ark St over Kansas State UL Lafayette over Iowa State Yikes
  8. ScarletDave

    Dino Babers surrenders!

    So what you’re telling me is they punted from the opponents 37 yard line on 4th and 1? Hmm where have I heard that before ... loser mentality is entrained in a coach and it doesn’t go away. Barbers had a good team in 2018, but it was really a good QB. Of course they skyrocket up the media poll...
  9. ScarletDave

    Coastal Carolina

    Don’t sleep on Coastal, they beat Kansas two years in a row (something we couldn’t do) and this year by 2 touchdowns
  10. ScarletDave

    Rutgers school-wise COVID testing stats so far

    For the start of the semester through 9/12, here are the stats on coronavirus testing for the university (keep in mind: other than select graduate classes and research, most students and professors are not on campus. Only essential personnel, and select international students, and the groups...
  11. ScarletDave

    OT: Columbia Marching Band Shuts Itself down

    Our band has the music and routines but just not the numbers ... yet. On-field product has 90% to do with it ... don’t forget the band are just diehard student fans too ... when the student section doesn’t show, that can be proportionate to the band. The Pep band went from about 18 people at the...
  12. ScarletDave

    Basketball Basketball on Nov. 25

    Yep in theory this no-fan deal hurts us the most out of anyone in the country (since we had the most home-wins in literally all of the NCAA last year). So of course this would happen. Rutgers breaks the NCAA tourney streak: Tournament Cancelled !!. Rutgers literally #1 in home wins/home court...
  13. ScarletDave

    Special thanks to Nebraska and to Ohio State

    Yea if you think for 5 seconds that Nebraska or Ohio State acted for anyone else in the world besides themselves (let alone for Rutgers) you are sadly mistaken. OSU fought for their own $$ and playoff spot. Nebraska fought for the economy of the state and especially the city of Lincoln. We owe...
  14. ScarletDave

    Still Cracking Me Up - Good Stuff

    At least we are mentioned. We are a character in this conference, good or bad. Where was Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland at ... BORING. We are relevant period. Right now it's for being bad but it was once for being good and those who were around then know what will happen once we are respectable again
  15. ScarletDave

    Have in-person classes resumed at Rutgers ?

    Rutgers classes are entirely online except for research and select graduate classes. The semester started Sept 1, many classes have already met 4 times out of ~20 so the semester is already 20% over
  16. ScarletDave

    Yo, Politi...

    The good news is while you were all freaking out about running out of toilet paper, I never had a problem - there were plenty of unread Star Ledgers in the plastic newspaper bin out on the street!! The Politi trash articles are great, there’s so many of them that you can double up! 2-ply!!
  17. ScarletDave

    REPORT: The Big 10 Has Voted To Play Football In The Fall

    IF: the Big Ten releases a statement (see: No Warren on BTN, but a twitter statement) ... saying that the conference is still awaiting testing improvements or blah blah .... Warren needs to be replaced immediately for disparaging the name of the Big Ten. IF: the B1G announced they are going...
  18. ScarletDave

    Update 7p.m 9/15--Big Ten finalizes football schedule, Waiting on Testing

    I heard they released the schedule: 7 conf; 1 non-conf Week 1: RU @ Ohio State Week 2: RU @ Penn State Week 3: RU @ Michigan Week 4: RU @ Wisconsin Week 5: RU vs. MSU Week 6: RU vs. Iowa (Yankee Stadium) Week 7: RU vs. Nebraska (MetLife) Week 8: RU vs. Alabama (Georgia Dome) - OOC Week 9: Bye
  19. ScarletDave

    Pitt/Austin Peay agree to 10 min quarters due to blowout

    Yep this sounds great in theory until Notre Dame goes to Charlotte and knocks Clemson out of the playoff by taking the ACC bid and the committee chooses 1-loss Auburn/Georgia over the Tigers. Notre Dame keeps the real ACC out of the playoff, gets to keep the banner and the ACC can hang a sign in...
  20. ScarletDave

    UW Chancellor Blank on football's return: 'We’re all going to move together in the Big Ten'

    Thank goodness. Saves Rutgers from being incredibly stupid. Also can someone go back and find all the people who’s “sources” said Rutgers and Northwestern were opting out while the rest play so we know who to never believe again