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  1. Scarlet Haze

    Football Rutgers O/U set at 1.5 wins on the season

    ----------- Possible scenario: We win the first 2 games, everyone is 1-1 or 0-2, then remainder of season gets cancelled and we are conference champs. Make the bet.
  2. Scarlet Haze

    Football Win-loss predictions for the season

    4 and 5 Wins against Mich St, MD, Illinois and game 9
  3. Scarlet Haze

    OT: New Bruce Springsteen Album Oct. 23 and New Song Out Now

    Sorry! IMHO, one of the most over-rated musicians ever. BORRRRRRRING. The man can't sing, he just twists his face up into a contorted state and belches out talk/yell singing.
  4. Scarlet Haze

    President Trump Spoke To BigTen Commissioner Kevin Warren

    Biden responded to Trump trying to get the B1G to play this fall. "He's only doing this because these are swinger states with swingers and you know, with the covid, on a chilly day, how is that possible , come on man you know the thing"
  5. Scarlet Haze

    Red dot

    Blue square
  6. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Your favorite non-alchoholic beverages

    Sardine Soda with sardine pulp
  7. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Breathtaking 4K video shows Mars in ultra-high definition

    Fake news...that's not really Mars. I did not see any of the green people we all know live there or any of their factories that make their famous Mars Bars (their number 1 export)
  8. Scarlet Haze

    OT: WiFi Extenders - recommendations?

    Orbi got the best reviews when I bought it 2 years ago. It works great. I believe it is the only one that is tri-band so it communicates with it's satellites on a dedicated 3rd band so it does not affect signal traffic. Coverage is great everywhere with very little speed drop off from base. I...
  9. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Bethany Beach, DE - recommendations or suggestions?

    tons of restaurants up the road in Rehoboth Beach, the Jersey shore of Washington DC and Baltimore
  10. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Power Inverters

    You don't need electrical power in a power outage for a sump pump if you get a water powered sump pump as a back up. Here is an example(available at amazon) Basepump RB750 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with Water Alarm
  11. Scarlet Haze

    I Did Not Know That

    In 1997 I went to the Packers vs. Patriots Super Bowl in New Orleans. I went to a pre-game lunch event with Bubba Smith, the defensive star of the Baltimore Colts going into that Super Bowl 3 game vs the Jets as the main speaker. His topic....he claimed the Colts threw the game or rather...
  12. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Value of a fallen chestnut tree
  13. Scarlet Haze

    New uniforms released Monday 8/3

    Rooting for the classic Mr. Magoo Rutgers look, seen here powering in the wrong direction for a safety
  14. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Mosquito Shield

    Save your money and use this instead. I have used it for about 8 years now and it works great and is safe for pets once it dries. You hook it to your hose and spray it on all of your bushes (all sides of the bushes), all of the grass (important) and any other plants. If you don't have a...
  15. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Steaks

    Best restaurant steak anywhere - Peter Luger's just over the Williamsburg Bridge from Manhattan in Brooklyn
  16. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Town Recommendations

    Warren, Berkeley Heights, New Providence all with very nice communities, very good schools and low taxes for NJ
  17. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Her First Time Using Gas Pump?

    --------------------------- Do u live in NJ and pump your own gas? If the answer is no to pumping your own gas then stop your nonsense as you are either a hypocrite or foolish. If you live out of state then you do not even know what you are talking about. Whether you pump your own gas in NJ...
  18. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Her First Time Using Gas Pump?

    You do know that roofs don't protect you from single digit temperatures, nor really windy rainstorms or oppressive summer 90 degree days. And yes there are gas stations without roofs, so no every gas station does not have a roof. Second don't pretend to tell me what I am like as you spout your...
  19. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Her First Time Using Gas Pump?

    Let's face it , us NJ residents are not smart enough to pump gas. In fact the State Government said so. In 1949, the Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act and Regulations banned drivers from pumping their own gas in New Jersey. Like so many laws, the statute claims the ban is for the drivers’...
  20. Scarlet Haze

    OT: Flowers

    Lobelias, they are one of the few blue flowers and are a nice deep blue color with tons of small flowers. You can get an 8 pack at home depot now for $4. Plant them close in planters for a nice contrast to yellow and orange flowers, like marigolds (other colors as well). Alternatively fill a...