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  1. RCTrooper

    Stadium looks terrible on TV on kickoff!

    Half full at kickoff. C'mon cheeseheads.
  2. RCTrooper

    OT: Favorite Horror Movies

    Most disturbing thing I've ever watched: "2013 Rutgers Football Season"
  3. RCTrooper

    OT: Late Model Accord Owners - CVT

    Didn't RUforReal dramatically declare a week ago that he was done posting here?
  4. RCTrooper

    I sense an imbalance in the (boards) force

    The following things which where subject to debate have turned out to be not true: -Flood is an honorable man who will represent RU well as a person if not as a winning coach -The gap between RU and PSU is the size of a handful of plays and narrowing -2016 is the year that Flood gets that...
  5. RCTrooper


    Mike Cadaver sucks...
  6. RCTrooper

    Peele arrested...again...

    Kid always was and always will be a thug
  7. RCTrooper

    Schiano "leading candidate" for Miami job

    Anyone who thinks that GS won't be on the short list for several schools is kidding themselves.
  8. RCTrooper

    Statement of Support for Kyle Flood from Julie Hermann

    There is still the matter of the open investigation that can come back and bite KF in the a**. Listen we all kinda know that Flood took chances on "questionable" character kids because the DB classes of 2011-12 didn't deliver. Cutting corners in the process was a gamble that he lost. There...
  9. RCTrooper

    Does GameTime for RU@Mich get announced today?

    My group is on a 7:15 flight that gets in 2 hours later so would like to know as well. Ann Arbor is 30 miles from the stadium so a 12:00 kickoff is going to entail tailgating on the plane.
  10. RCTrooper

    OT: Walking Dead (spoilers)

    Yeah, part of the appeal of the show is that it has been draconian in its approach to killing off central characters. If Glenn somehow makes it out alive, it will definitely be shark-tank-jumping. I do like the idea of using Glenn to see the life of a zombie through his eyes. Perhaps they can...
  11. RCTrooper

    OT: Walking Dead (spoilers)

    Usually when a central character dies, he/she appears on the Talking Dead show but the actor playing Glenn didn't seem to be on.
  12. RCTrooper

    OT: Walking Dead (spoilers)

    Bummed about Glenn's death. I would have hoped that he would have garnered a better death scene. Only 4 left from the original group (Rick, Carl, Carol & Daryl)
  13. RCTrooper

    Buckeyes article on our stadium/atmosphere

    FVck this guy. The entire article can be summed up as "you didn't entirely suck as bad as I expected"
  14. RCTrooper

    I'll apologize now like I did in line

    Look-at-me post .....
  15. RCTrooper

    Rough Day For Flood Supporters...

    I have less of a problem with getting beat down by OSU than I did with getting beat down by psu.
  16. RCTrooper

    Pat Narduzzi

    80% of this board would rightfully trade Flood for Narduzzi in a second.
  17. RCTrooper

    5 years from now

    Potential unrealized is usually a result of a lack of commitment and that is what we have here. Voicing our concerns won't matter. Having 100 alumni opening check books and writing $50,000 checks every year is the only thing that matters. RU doesn't have that.
  18. RCTrooper

    5 years from now

    Yes staying in the AAC would have been the end for us but from a budget and competitive landscape perspective, perhaps the ACC would have been a better fit. That being said, it is still great to be part of the BiG.
  19. RCTrooper

    The Buckeyes look too big...

    But stars aren't everything. Plus Flood has a good eye for identifying talent that will be dropping out of school in 3 years.