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    OT: NJ 4th Happiest State

    As an optimistic person who is thankful for a great life, I seriously hope this topic can stay positive. C’mon ladies and gentlemen, let’s spread the love!!
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    Trump says big ten being held up by Maryland, Illinois and Michigan

    There are ALOT of Americans who feel just like RC1991. ALOT of Americans that normally vote Republican but despise this bumbling idiot.
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    OT: Rite Aid already has Flu Shots

    Everyone should get the flu vaccine to protect yourself and those around you, your family and friends. Think about it. Getting the flu this coming season could be especially dangerous with Coronavirus out there.
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    Greg Bedard talks NFL football and RU baseball on The Scarlet Spotlight podcast

    Very interesting interview, Jon and Dan!
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    FB Recruiting Ryan Keeler commits to Rutgers Football

    Welcome to the banks, Ryan! What a huge player for Greg and Jim Panagos to get! Can’t wait to see Ryan play for us!
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    BB Recruiting 2020 G Aiden Terry accepts Rutgers PWO

    Welcome! The kid can shoot the rock!
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    Huh--HS football can play this fall

    Newell - Please think with the logical part of your brain, and not the political part. You lose credit when you way overreach like this.
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    OSU and Iowa parents demanding answers and change of BIG decision to not play Fall FB

    NJ and NY got Covid first and Drs have learned so much as to how to treat the disease since then. As just one example, in the beginning NY and NJ Drs were venting patients, when over time they learned to vent as a very last treatment and to have patients lie belly down, and use certain drugs and...
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    BB Recruiting 2021 PG Jalen Miller commits to Rutgers Hoops

    way to go Pike!! Jalen is a really easy guy to root for. Great fit for our nationally ranked team!
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    OT: Does basketball need centers today with so much emphasis on 3-pt shooting

    Agreed. I remember in the 1980’s when college hoops was experimenting with the proper distance for the 3 point line, the A10 chose 19’9”, the top of the key, which was the distance eventually chosen after that experimental season. The ACC chose and played with something like 17’9 or 17’7”. It...
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    Spring football......

    This! I nominate this as the post of the month! Covid requires us to be FLEXIBLE. If we are able, having a shortened spring season is better than nothing at all. Is it perfect? No. But a shortened spring college football season would be a blessing.
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    B1G Commish: Nebraska can play in the XII “as a ‘former member‘ of the Big Ten Conference”

    MANY Rutgers sports teams have improved and are now in the top half of the B1G, or trending that way. The “money makers”...Football, Mens Hoops, Women’s Hoops, Rutgers has 2 out of 3 that are running good B1G programs. If you include Wrestling, that’s 3 out of 4. And those 3 are on a path of...
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    Football Big Ten Conference to officially postpone 2020 season Damn. I have hoped for a delay until Oct 3 and maybe an 8 game season.
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    OT: One word thread

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    Listener Questions via emailed audio (The Scarlet Spotlight podcast)

    Thanks Dan. Sent my questions to the show’s email address also. Go Knights!
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    Andre Patton update

    I agree. Nebraska was in control. But it wasn’t a blow out.
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    Listener Questions via emailed audio (The Scarlet Spotlight podcast)

    Thanks Danny and Jon for a great must listen podcast. QUESTIONS 1. What will Sean Gleeson and OL Coach Andrew Aurich do in our schemes this year that will address what I think are our biggest offensive weaknesses, QB and OL? 2. What do you think about our DL recruiting and by the end of the...
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    Big Ten preview, teams 1-7

    Good post. Thanks for sharing. I also think Rutgers will be better than Indiana again this year. Not sure where you get that Myles was unhinged. He is a rapidly developing B1G center that plays very talented centers game in and game out. I expect Myles to take another step forward in his game...
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    Andre Patton update

    It wasn’t a blowout loss. I was at this game. The game was competitive.