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    OOC Schedule - Covid. Some tidbits.....

    Seton Hall mention in this. He might be saying there is a chance we play them in Florida. Not sure though.
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    Another Big Verbal For RUMLAX

    UVA Lacrosse Program—I was wondering where Fred Hill Jr. ended up.
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    Dino Babers surrenders!

    Panthergrowl, I was just saying the other day how much I like that Pitt went back to the old uniforms and colors. Now I see some horrible really dark gray and black combo. Don’t become Oregon. I hate gimmick uniforms and I hope we will not see anymore here.
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    Top 75 High School Players Article
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    Top New Jersey Baseball Players
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    Rutgers Recruits/High School Scrimmages
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    Rutgers vs Baylor in Florida Article
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    Another Big Verbal For RUMLAX

    Cali, is this like getting one of the ten best quarterbacks in the country ?
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    Another Big Verbal For RUMLAX

    Rodkin Center opens in three months.
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    New Jersey Top Quarterbacks

    According to the chart, we have offered 16 Class of 2022 quarterbacks and only three have given verbal commitments.
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    OT: Official NFL Draft First Four Pick Speculation Thread

    Before you know it, we will be seeing more photos like this. Great to see Rutgers guys all over the league. Coach Schiano will get those numbers skyrocketing again.
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    Rutgers Gymnastics Welcomes 12 New Members
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    OT: Harry Potter Yacht On The Hudson

    Are those boats still made today ?
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    New Jersey Top Quarterbacks

    I guess the general consensus is that Leary or Kargman would be great for us. Offers out to others out of state, including Belin.
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    Dino Babers surrenders!

    Was Mack Brown there when the University of No Classes began their phoney class program or was it the guy after him ?
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    New Jersey Top Quarterbacks
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    OT: Jersey Shore Beach erosion

    Just remember, my beach, IBSP, is off limits until Memorial Day.
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    OT: Gasoline Choice

    When I started riding motorcycles, everyone said stay away from Wawa gas. Every once in a while, I would need to stop to fuel up and I certainly noticed the difference.
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    Football Win-loss predictions for the season

    After what Flood and Ash did to our program, I am shooting for 3-6. And I do hope for more.