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    OT: Bourbon/Whiskey

    I like Bushmill's Black and Jamison Caskmates The later is dangerous after the first. No bite. Taste is silk.
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    OT: Youth Baseball Cut-Offs

    3B will cover 3Rd in all scenarios SS takes all cut offs from his side of Diamond. 2B covers 2nd, 1B plays mid-diamond. 2B takes cuts to his side of diamond, SS covers 2nd, 1B plays mid-diamond. C calls secondary cutoff. It assumes ball is in front of OFer who is not p,saying super deep.
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    Stripe The Birthplace color assignments

    Section 393 will be Maize and Section 394 will be Blue
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    easiest way to reduce property taxes

    That would assume the only money paying your kids education was property tax which is not the case.
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    easiest way to reduce property taxes

    There is so much ignorant and stupid fodder in this thread it is unreal.
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    Paterno thread (merged)

    Here is another perspective which does not shine well on JoePa. He either knew or did not know about the abuse. If he did not know, doesn't that say quite about him as well? I mean, if all this abuse and questionable behavior were occuring in the football facilities, and he really did not...
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    Politi's Got it Right: Harbaugh / UM Declare WAR on NJ!

    Is it just me, or do you regret actually opening a thread sometimes?
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    $300 per year over 5 years

    I am not financially able to donate but I will speak with viewership. Best I can do right now.
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    Paterno thread (merged)

    If there were an isolated accusation which was a definitive anomaly to all other actions, one should take a moment to question the accusations. The preponderance of evidence, be it circumstantial or otherwise, warrants serious consideration and definite doubt to the character and substance of...
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    Big Ten Build Fund has $54.3M of $100M

    I hope the fundraising does not come with a ton of baggage or promises.
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    How to differentiate between honeymoon hype and a quality coach?

    In sports, you can see the make up of a team in defeat. The record is of little consequence, as mentioned, but the fight is where the difference will be measured. For years, even the last few with Schiano, this team has not demonstrated that fire. I want to see a team with confidence and...
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    Eli Apple?

    Apple with be the Nickel/Dime DB which means he will get +/-60% of the D snaps. He IS an instant contributor. Focusing on starter is silly. GMen were the worst in late game passing defense and thus move addresses a real weakness. Horrible CB depth Biggest point I heard is Apple is an A+...
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    Scarlet vs White Game Thread

    It's on the BTN
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    Coach Ash Chops Frank Burns Award, 2 Others

    I am not sure how you can determine such a 'presitguos' award in 6 short weeks.
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    RE: the article about Ash's Plan details

    I love the focus on the 95%+ of the program that will not play on Sunday's. Programs are not made by the few who earn the glory. The foundation of a program comes from the rank and file who grind every day, bust their chops, and do the right thing. It creates a destination type program. It...
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    THANK YOU, John O., for your post...

    This is a service site. It is not censorship. Stop the ridiculousness because you are being all called out for saying the same crap over and over again just because your boy was not picked to be coach.
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    What will you consider a successful season

    7-5 with a bowl appearance. Build from there with new regime.
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    THANK YOU, John O., for your post...

    This is not a form of censorship. This is a year overdue, at least. John!s reasons stated is a primary reason I for one let my subscription go and do not frequent the board any more. There is glimmers of intelligence with much useless pontificating polluting the boards. I come here to learn...
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    *** regarding the new boards coming to this site next week ***

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    ***Ask the Staff: Tuesday, July 2nd edition***

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