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    Michigan Game Time?

    Yes this has always been like this I know some people were able to predict based on TV schedules (BTN especially)
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    Michigan Game Time?

    What are best predictions. Trying to deal with youth game scheduling. Is it either Night game or 3:30? Any chance this a noon game? It has never been a noon game
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    Looking for tickets in 123

    post contact details . Preferable around rows 20 or 30
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    Fan Appreciation Day Announced - Saturday, August 18

    What time is scrimmage and what time is signing?
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    OT: Cutting the cord - Internet options?

    recommendations on where to find used router and modem and what brand?
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    OT: Cutting the cord - Internet options?

    I am ready to cut the cord. I have free shared access to Netfilx and have been using YouTubeTV. I am ready to dump Verizon Fios. Verizon is offering internet at $80 to $85. I feel to make it worth the trouble of removing cable internet would have to be more in the $60 to $70 range. Are there...
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    OT: Saturday Weather: Union/Middlesex area.. rain?

    Live in scotch Plains as well . Will be watching this thread !
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    OT: Villanova game in Villanova area & Philly Cheesesteak

    So sounds like Nova is a place to visit and check out but not spend extended time to eat etc
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    OT: Nest

    I have three zones. Did you set up on multiple-zones?
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    OT: Anyone here play PUBG?

    son is 13 and these kids are all addicted to Fortnite
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    OT: Nest

    Since this board can be a great source of homeowners advice… anyone with experience using Nest. Likes, dislikes. Any functions that are unique to them? Have made your life better? My primary use would be for thermostats but I know you can hook up for smoke detectors, cameras etc. How/who would...
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    OT: Neighbor takes down trees on your property

    The plot th Update: Neighbor was waiting for me as I pulled up. Said sorry for no heads up. Was not expecting contractor to come that day. Says trees are his and will show me the survey. I do see the stumps are closer to his driveway than I thought. Tree guys are expected to come back to...
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    OT: Neighbor takes down trees on your property

    SkilletHead you bring a good point. If he finishes the job, I won’t be upset. I thought I survived not having worse damage in the last storm. While it is not as pretty anymore, I don’t have to worry about the tree coming down on his or her house. This is why I am trying calm myself down before...
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    OT: Neighbor takes down trees on your property

    Like me works in the city, leaves early comes home late. His kids are older than ours. I don’t see him. He has everything done for him, landscaping snow removal etc. We have had two or three conversations in four years. I don’t think we have talked in two years. They are too themselves. No...
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    OT: Neighbor takes down trees on your property

    Anyone have this happen? Not home yet, but we had three trees in the area between our two driveways and he took them down without discussing. My wife sent me pictures of the logs sitting there. I am hoping he is hiring someone to come back with a crane but I am not counting on it. Obviously...
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    ***Fat Cat Friday: 3/23 Everything but the kitchen sink!***

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    Loyola Chicago ends NCAA tourney drought

    But we have the longest P5 drought
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    Nick Chubb

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    Phil Galiano upped to PSU ST Coord

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