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  1. KevH

    Rutgers Gives Incoming Class of 2024 Free IPads

    The current state of the world is exposing human nature, and it ain't pretty. It's been pretty disappointing to watch it all unfold, but I'm not surprised at all.
  2. KevH

    Is Commissioner Warren up to the job?

    You're not alone. This was my understanding too.
  3. KevH

    Rutgers Rise / Rutgers Return August 17

    Okay. Thanks for the heads up. I guess now I have to add the sports package back to my lineup.
  4. KevH

    B1G player demands

    I was thinking the same thing. I'm not sure the players realize how heavy a word "ensure" is in this context. Literally, as you said, the best these institutions can do to that end would be to cancel the season. I think it's headed that way regardless.
  5. KevH

    Cliff Omoruyi

    Can't wait! Please let us have some semblance of a season. I won't hold my breath but will stay hopeful.
  6. KevH

    Basketball Rutgers ranked No. 15 in Jeff Goodman preseason poll

    I've also gotta believe continuity plays a big part too. I really wish we had Yeboah for more than 1 year, but he's the only significant loss from a pretty cohesive squad that should be ready to make some serious noise.
  7. KevH

    Tom Herman: Chris Ash 'is the best there is in the country

    He might be, but the question is... the best at what?
  8. KevH

    July 23 Rutgers Day on BTN - Includes New Show "Rutgers Rise"

    For those of us who got caught sleeping, Is there a way to see it?
  9. KevH

    Frontcourt to the Frontline

    This is so cool! I have always had so much respect and admiration for healthcare workers.
  10. KevH

    Tia Jackson added to Duke Coaching Staff

    Wow! Kara Lawson's coaching Duke? I've really been out of the loop... and suddenly feel very old.
  11. KevH

    Cliff Omoruyi

    This is one very cool thing I'm hoping to hear a lot about during tv broadcasts. It really shows the players and the school in a good light while shouting out the engineering program.
  12. KevH

    Deshawn Freeman Selling Rutgers Gear

    Just what I was thinking. But, I guess suddenly capitalism is a bad thing.
  13. KevH

    July 23 Rutgers Day on BTN - Includes New Show "Rutgers Rise"

    Damn! I just got rid of the package that BTN is in, thinking "Why am I paying for this right now?" Oh well. Hopefully, I can catch Rutgers Rise somewhere down the line.
  14. KevH

    Official: No Fall In Person Classes At Rutgers

    I've witnessed, firsthand from my dining room, one of my daughter's professors reading her class the riot act during an online session last semester. My kid's on point, but she gets really frustrated by the disruption this causes to her experience. She loves campus life and is gonna hate...
  15. KevH

    Greg Schiano

    I've always felt this. We just need to get to a level of respectable performance and build from there.
  16. KevH

    OT: Hamilton

    Watching it now... very much deserving of the accolades.
  17. KevH

    OT: Bryson DeChambeau

    Thank you! I really needed that laugh.