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  1. RUHouston

    Rutgers vs Baylor in Florida Article

    Something to do with the NBA Bubble there I think....not sure why that makes a difference, either...
  2. RUHouston

    2020 Rutgers Schedule

    I don’t know how many wins to expect but I do expect the team to be amped up because of Schiano...this team will leave it all out there and that, to me, is a win. No more surrender punts! That’s a win. Having the Nads to go for it and unexpected plays...that’s a win. Fierce special teams...
  3. RUHouston

    Huddle logistics with no crowds

    As I'm listening to the Pikiell podcast he's discussing not having fans in the stands and how that could level the playing field, so to speak, for home court advantage. It occurs to me that it could impact the huddles, too. If the Coach is strategizing in the huddle with the team he may have...
  4. RUHouston

    Andy Katz: Top Returning Players 10-6 & 5-1 In The Country

    Geeohhhhhhhhhhh Bake-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The shot maker! The back breaker! The heart breaker!
  5. RUHouston

    How do you think Sean Gleesons offense will perform?

    IIRC Jerry Kill was decent at matching our personnel to a style that helped us win, what, 3 B1G games? Not sure Gleeson can get the same results in a shortened league-only schedule but if the effort and heart are there it'll help for the future. I know, effort and heart don't win games but...
  6. RUHouston

    OT: NJ taxes

    That's why I live in one is getting their hands on THIS trust fund baby's money![roll]
  7. RUHouston

    Rothstein: Greg Gard Expect Rutgers to be a major factor at the top of the league

    We will crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women!
  8. RUHouston

    Rothstein's Big Ten Preseason First-Team

    You forgot the Heart Breaker. Or Back Breaker.
  9. RUHouston

    Basketball Basketball on Nov. 25

    I'm getting the sense that this year's team would play in an empty parking lot with the other team and still kick some major a$$.. It's been a long time since I've seen such a hungry bunch of Knights! I pity our opponents.
  10. RUHouston

    ESPN back to bashing Schiano....

    They will fear the R! Maybe not right away, but they will..they will!
  11. RUHouston

    Big Cliff

    Does UConn even have facilities that compare to ours? I'd imagine ASU might....I generally don't care about other programs but wondering how our facilities rate without the benefit of scarlet glasses.... That being said, I love what I'm seeing from Big Cliff said his head seems...
  12. RUHouston

    Pikiell talks to On the Banks

    A FANTASTIC article! I love what he had to say about everyone's progress throughout the pandemic. Notable that Caleb has gotten more muscular and that Tez has improved his game. I don't read Pike's words as blowing sunshine up anyone's butt, either, so when he says they're improved, I believe...
  13. RUHouston

    OT: ITT we ask @beaced venerable old man questions

    Beaced, did you really know Orville and Wilbur and hang out together?
  14. RUHouston

    Red dot

    Tell ‘em Ray! KMART SUCKS!
  15. RUHouston

    2020-2021 Roster

  16. RUHouston

    Football Best, worse cases and record predictions for 2020

    Where's Al and his 10-0 prediction??
  17. RUHouston

    Football New 2020 Rutgers Football uniforms

    Love them! I also like using #52 and since it is retired maybe they could've put LeGrand on the back since they chose to leave it blank for the promo...or even F.A.M.I.L.Y. NOT a complaint or a nit, just a suggestion for the promos....
  18. RUHouston

    Football New 2020 Rutgers Football uniforms

    What does F.T.C stand for on the helmet front?
  19. RUHouston

    "Rutgers Rise" is now on YouTube

    Thanks for posting this! I don't know if I ever saw it before but regardless, it was a nice trip back in time to a great season!
  20. RUHouston

    We are Jim Delany’s lasting slip up

    Maybe we can call them University of The Illinois and refer to them as UTI....that way it reminds anyone that they're like a urinary track infection....