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  1. jersey07080

    Anyone go to this game?!

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  2. jersey07080

    Football Rutgers Return airing on Aug 17 @ 8:30pm, Rutgers Night @ 5pm

    Solid show overall. Can't wait for RU football to unite this state (and this board) again.
  3. jersey07080

    Will something be done to honor last year’s basketball team?

    No banner, no recognition. If you think this team needs any more motivation after last year ,then you are out of your head.
  4. jersey07080

    What Did RU Decide - PSU Fans Upset Over Seat Licenses

    The difference is everyone will complain at PSU and come back regardless with open wallets.
  5. jersey07080

    Colorado State Halts Football - Racism and Covid

    One could historically argue the same for RU.
  6. jersey07080

    OT: Atlantic City

    Ac beaches are free so there's that.
  7. jersey07080

    OT: Atlantic City

    I was at the Trip on Sunday. It was very depressing. This is coming from someone who takes about 4-5 trips down per year for the last 15 years. No drinks at the tables or machines, restaurants offering takeout. Tables all $25 minimum for blackjack. Don't see how they survive this to be honest.
  8. jersey07080

    New uniforms released Monday 8/3

  9. jersey07080

    OT: Carteret Public Schools cancels fall athletic season

    Man issue for school and sports will be the bussing tbh. Parents driving their kids to games is one thing. Having to take 3-4 busses to carry a football team is a different animal. Most college teams don't have the financial means for all of these challenges. Not much wiggle room in school...
  10. jersey07080

    OT: LAUSD Cancel Fall Classes

    @Caliknight what kind of business do you own?
  11. jersey07080

    Covid Positive Test Rates Reduces B1G to Big 5

    Our first B1G championship?
  12. jersey07080

    OT: Very sad news. Brian Hester passed away!

    Awful to hear. Does anyone know what happened?
  13. jersey07080

    OT: Consequences of Corona - Americans leave large cities for suburban areas and rural towns

    I feel safe living in Asbury I guess I am enlightened and full of shit.
  14. jersey07080

    OT: Anyone been to the Jersey Shore yet

    The water was great today! Clearest I can remember too.
  15. jersey07080

    2020 Uniforms

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  16. jersey07080

    OT: Anyone been to the Jersey Shore yet

    Asbury beaches have been relatively quiet still for the most part.
  17. jersey07080

    Fans in Stands Decision?

    I don't think they should be open inside, but this was mishandled very poorly. When you rely on guidance and then get the shaft it's hard to swallow. You are correct that many businesses will likely be the final death blow. It is a stark reminder of how much debt and small margins these...