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  1. LeapinLou

    Red dot

    OK I don't like any of these explanations. Are DJ's on 101.5 really saying they protest the mandate to wear masks? Because that would be a horrible look for the station. I see a lot of RU "celebrities" tweeting out the red dot. Something else is up with this.
  2. LeapinLou

    Jacob Young DWI Dismissed

    I had forgotten about this. I'm glad the door is now closed. He didn't get the "Xavier Simpson" treatment but it sounds like they were a little lenient to an otherwise model citizen.
  3. LeapinLou

    OT: So I asked my Landlord for a 10% Rent Decrease on my NYC apt

    Al - depending on how your escalation goes, it sounds like asking for 13 months for the price of 12 is reasonable since they are offering it elsewhere. Good luck.
  4. LeapinLou

    Rutgers has lost a true Scarlet Knight, Mom has passed away.,

    I love your tribute to your mom and appreciate you giving your brother credit for all he did for her. You were a good son. Best wishes to you and yours.
  5. LeapinLou

    A tiktok girl did a "Big Ten Zoom meeting" video....

    It was funny and she is super cute. My only critique is she went out and got appropriate attire for every other school. But for RU she wears a white t-shirt? Weak.
  6. LeapinLou

    Changes to NET ranking system

    While I like the changes, I think RU's NET would be worse for 2019-20 than it was under the old rules. RU benefited greatly from the scoring margin metric, as we had a ton of wins by 10+ points. That goes away under the new rules. And the new system seems to even more heavily weight neutral...
  7. LeapinLou

    OT: Rutgers face-masks

    Was thinking these will be a must if there is tailgating next season. We'll see.
  8. LeapinLou

    OT: Rutgers face-masks

    I just sold something on eBay (small box weighing 2 1/2 pounds) going from Freehold to Paramus and the shipping was just under $8. And that was USPS. I think those of us with Amazon Prime accounts get spoiled but the reality is shipping is very expensive for the vast majority of us.
  9. LeapinLou

    OT: Rutgers face-masks

    I would comment on how Steve always has smoking hot models for his gear but need to hold my tongue in case it's his daughter. :Laughing
  10. LeapinLou

    OT: So I've been getting threatening emails in one of my accounts

    I got this email once. It was particularly amusing since there is no camera on my PC and I don't have a facebook account. As far as them guessing your password, like you said if it was only 5-6 characters hackers have algorithms to figure it out.
  11. LeapinLou

    If you had to be quarantined with two posters on this board for the next month who would it be?

    Very hard to narrow to two as there are a lot of people on here that would keep my spirits up. AreYouNuts because I know he has a backlog of entertaining stories I haven't heard yet. Rutgers Al for his optimism which would help get you through the day. Zappaa for the stories about his dad...
  12. LeapinLou

    Favorite RU Dunk of the Season

    Harper - for most humans, that pass sails over his head. For him to go that high to catch it and flush it was insane. Geo - IMOP the most exciting play of the season. Mathis - revenge is sweet - 2nd time in his career he posterized Smith and made UM coach rethink decision not to recruit him...
  13. LeapinLou

    OT: Ozark (spoilers)

    I thought season 3 was a drop off from the first two seasons. It was still good, and the ending of episode 10 was awesome, but the first two seasons were at a higher level.
  14. LeapinLou

    GoFundMe - Support Mom of Derek Young - one of our most loyal sons who passed away in January.

    No question. I have contributed to more "GoFundMe" pages in the last month than I have since this service existed. It really sucks right now how many people are hurting and obviously its going to get worse before it gets better.
  15. LeapinLou

    GoFundMe - Support Mom of Derek Young - one of our most loyal sons who passed away in January.

    Yes I worked with Keith as well. He was a dedicated manager - loves RU football.
  16. LeapinLou

    GoFundMe - Support Mom of Derek Young - one of our most loyal sons who passed away in January.

    Derek and I were student managers for the football team in 1985. We stayed in touch ever since and would see each other at tailgates and RU functions. As the GoFundMe says, he was all about RU and was your friend no matter where you were on the economic or demographic grid.
  17. LeapinLou

    GoFundMe - Support Mom of Derek Young - one of our most loyal sons who passed away in January.
  18. LeapinLou

    NBC Sports Preseason Top 25...

    This is a good point. I was disappointed but now I'm willing to turn the page on EO. Given the Corona Virus impact, sitting this year out was a great decision for him.
  19. LeapinLou

    Can the unfortunate virus situation help our recruiting?

    I suggest sticking to facts and not fear mongering.