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    OT: Two LA County Sheriff Deputies Ambushed and Shot in Compton

    Compassion has always been missing in Compton, long before Trump was elected.
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    Pac-12 States It Has Achieved "Major Step" Towards Resuming Play

    Guess you hate to see the facts that don't support your agenda!!!
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    OT: Philly mayor caught dining indoors

    Typical politician
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    OT: Gyms Open Tuesday

    God forbid that people want to work for a living, shut them down & they go under & probably lose everything. ru109 might be Gov Murphy posting on this site.
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    Geno VanDeMark deciding August 22 at 6PM

    Augie turned down a coaching job as OL Coach in the NFL with the Dolphins, because he did not want to relocate his family.
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    OT: Richard Jewell

    In law enforcement circles FBI stands for Fumbling Buncha Idiots
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    Trouble brewing at Syracuse

    Syracuse players have refused to practice, stating that they are not comfortable with the Covid testing procedures there, they are only tested every 14 days, so with them sitting out practice yesterday Syracuse decided to test the team, to which the players responded that they will not return to...
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    B1G Commish: Nebraska can play in the XII “as a ‘former member‘ of the Big Ten Conference”

    Nebraska emailed a poll to the entire faculty last night, asking if they would be in favor of leaving the B1G, 90% of the responding faculty wanted to stay in the B1G
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    OT: Unstable Millburn, NJ principal embarrasses himself, then apologies

    He should be sending a letter of resignation, not an apology!
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    OT: Power Outage in Linden

    Power came back on at 8 pm yesterday & went back off at 5 pm tonite:Angry
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    OT: WaWa

    The dome is literally about to fall off the building
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    OT: WaWa

    Rahway prison is located in BOTH Union & Middlesex Counties, as the prison grounds extend into both counties. Any crime committed inside of the Prison, is adjudicated in Middlesex County Courts.
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    RU women's basketball recruiting news

    Gabriella Ross: Class of 2023 from Manchester Township was offered by RU. Her Dad, Julian played football for RU in the late 90's
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    OT: Travel going across state lines

    Safer then you having Internet access
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    Per Politi: No fans this year for Giants/Jets/Rutgers (RU - 500 max for coaches / players family)

    I wonder what Murphy's approval rating is with family members who have relatives in Nursing Homes?
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    Priority Points Fixed

    Ditto also & not even an alum
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    OT: Murder in North Brunswick

    Murderer is DEAD, that is justice
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    January to May

    Football season starts in August every year ,the hottest month of the year, & when practice is always held during the entire month.
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    OT: Murder in North Brunswick

    You really don't have a clue about how homicide investigations are conducted.