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    The OFFICIAL March 13-14 Winter Weather Thread (This is the B1G 1)

    The weenies are out on AmericanWX in full force, smdh. I think in Bergen County it's safe to say we should expect a foot or so at this point. A work from home day.
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    OK who had a better off season, so far, Mets or Yanks?

    Correct. Basically, baseball ain't football. Even the whiff of credible domestic violence accusations and you're riding the pine and taking a financial hit. I do think if there's a conviction or proof or whatever the suspension is just longer. Familia will spend some time suspended there's...
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    Jim Delany says B1G winner should not be in Playoffs

    As much as it pains me to admit it, I happen to agree. Whoever lost at a later date unfortunately is logically most disadvantaged by their losses. Also, winning one additional game via what should be a terrific CCG matters. Michigan doesn't get to do that, PSU does have that opportunity.
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    OT - Lines to vote

    Yup. We should be encouraging every eligible voter to vote. Increasingly early voting opportunities, making election day a weekend or a public holiday as they do in other major and not so major countries, automatic voter registration/update when you go for say a driver's license or other state...
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    Stabbing at Rutgers Business School

    Dude so inappropriate for this particular thread. Send prayers or talk about the perp, but injecting politics isn't cool.
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    RWJBarnabas Health invests $18M in Rutgers Athletics training facility

    Woody Johnson is not the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson, he's one of the heirs. He's the great-grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I, who was a co-founder of Johnson & Johnson. But same difference I suppose. As for the renderings, is it just me or is the facade of the building particularly ugly...
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    OT- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees-INDUCTEES ANNOUNCED

    My 5: ELO Pearl Jam Kraftwerk Yes Jane's Addiction (Since I have to pick a 5th) Honorable Mention: Journey J. Geils The Cars Kraftwerk absolutely belongs in. They invented electronic music and pioneered "rock-oriented" popular music that wasn't ultimately rooted in traditional Anglo-Saxon...
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    Let's go METS 2016 thread ......Just get in and anything can happen!

    7 trains are usually among the newer equipment in the NYC Subway system these days. The people on board are fine. That being said the LIRR is quicker, only one stop between Penn and Willets Point. You have to walk through the 7 train stop on the way from the LIRR stop to Citi Field. For the...
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    Butch Davis on RU recruiting'they missed a big window"

    Rutgers may not become a Top 30 program. That much is reasonable. To say we can't be a Top 50 program on a more permanent basis is beyond pessimistic. A friend of mine who doesn't post on here really puts it right. In 2012, right after the regular season we should have bought out Flood in some...
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    OT: Hoboken train crash

    Agreed, and Curt Schilling is definitely one of those. Why speculate on this sort of thing especially without any knowledge on what really happened? For that matter also without even a clue about how railroads operate or are designed, etc.
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    Poll: OT: Do you tip gas station attendants in NJ?

    If they were to clean the windshield/back window (which I haven't had happen in several years) I'll tip a couple bucks. Otherwise, no. As for baristas (as for the go to college crowd what do you think a large percentage of them are doing) I'll tip the change. Sometimes it's a quarter, other...
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    OT - Rutgers MBA

    Actually Al, RBS has its own MBA Career Services Department that does an outstanding job. My advice as someone who just finished the Rutgers MBA in May, go to NYU if cost isn't a concern at all because a different academic environment is good. If cost is a concern go to Rutgers. Granted I'm...
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    ESPNU Talking About Maryland/RU Trophy Names

    The Blue Claw is what it should be named. Since NJ, MD and DE are famous for blue claw crabs (especially MD I know) it would make sense. Make it a large bronzed crab claw or something with the years and winners engraved on it.
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    B12 Expansion Is A GO

    And I say good for them, they deserve it.
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    Let's go METS 2016 thread ......Just get in and anything can happen!

    I think this season ends the way I thought last year's would have, stay in contention all season but just miss the playoffs or maybe make the wild card game but lose there. The good news is they have the farm system, organizational approach and younger talent to make a healthier run next year.
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    Let's go METS 2016 thread ......Just get in and anything can happen!

    They absolutely need this. Way, way too many non-freak injuries this year. Duda's injury probably somewhat preventable if the training and medical staff were doing their jobs properly. Harvey's issues get discovered much sooner. They seek to manage the wear and tear on Ces, Thor and Matz much...
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    OT: What Fraternity were you in?

    Zeta Beta Tau
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    State Penn signs big non-conference series

    Same with Auburn playing Rutgers. I think the correct statement is that they've never played a regular season game against an at the time member of the Big Ten.
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    State Penn signs big non-conference series

    I don't think anyone's ever accused Ohio State of not trying to schedule well OOC. In fact I think the Buckeyes are one of the few teams in the P5 I've seen try to usually schedule tough.
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    Hobbs to Look at Football Game Day Experience

    I agree with this. Instead of Top 25 games that haven't even started yet or that already ended, just do the Big Ten games (for obvious reasons) and games currently going on/just about to start.