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    Rothstein's Big Ten Preseason First-Team

    I’m sorry, while Geo is the most clutch player in the league, his shooting was downright bad for long stretches last year even prior to his injury. Clearly his value is that he elevates his game when it matters most, but your criticism of the Minnesota guy is unwarranted. He admits that he...
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    Big Ten football “expected” to return

    Schiano would lose his mind if we don’t play and the rest of the conference plays
  3. Rutgers25

    '92 Homecoming game

    Great ending, but poorly played game by both teams. Very sloppy, tons of turnovers. question for those who played back then, did those huge shoulder pads protect you more than modern pads? Seemed like it was easier to be a battering ram when you ran with the ball
  4. Rutgers25

    OT: NBA is back tonight!

    agree, it’s gone to far. These guys are great shooters. No doubt about it, but it’s not enjoyable when everything is ball screen, penetrate, swing, swing, 3. Scoring is way to high. Not much excitement when buckets are so easy to come by. They need to allow defenses to get more aggressive...
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    Football Catching up with former LB Devraun Thompson

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    OT: Long Weekend Thur- Sun getaway?

    lol, that video is bizarre! Trust us, they are doing themselves an incredible disservice with that video. Cape May is a great town, although I probably wouldn’t stay at Southern Mansion purely after seeing that. They need to fire whoever put that together.
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    OT: Long Weekend Thur- Sun getaway?

    Cape May is beautiful. Can’t go wrong there.
  8. Rutgers25

    OT: Safe outdoor drinking spots In/near Cape May

    you can bar hop and walk around outside with your drink in Cape May. To be transparent though, cape may really isn’t a town where people get sloshed
  9. Rutgers25

    Garza returning to school

    he’s talented, but definitely flails around a lot like Tyler Hansbrough on UNC back in the day. Happy he’s coming back. Like to see good basketball and Iowa should be very good.
  10. Rutgers25

    OTB: Before Rutgers Day on BTN, look back at Rutgers vs. Floriday

    I’m sure he had a lot of regrets when he started every game the following year and his team finished first in the SEC and made it all the way to the elite 8.
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    How Baseball and Marlins outbreak Impacts College football.

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    Geo Baker

    i don’t think you know what you’re talking
  13. Rutgers25

    Geo Baker

    what makes you say that? He dunks regularly in big ten games with authority. Much easier to dunk in an unstructured street ball game.
  14. Rutgers25

    Rutgers Fall semester will be mostly remote

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  15. Rutgers25

    2019-2020 Season Finale

    Ugh, it was a euphoric feeling of FINALLY! after the Purdue game. What a gut punch to not get to see these guys in the NCAAs
  16. Rutgers25

    OT: Luka Garza article on his workouts

    I want him back. I like watching great college b-ball and that Iowa team will potentially be great next year. It would make it all the more sweeter if we knocked them off
  17. Rutgers25

    LJ Figueroa in Transfer Portal

    Risky, because he would be a cog here. Would need to have Yeboah personality.
  18. Rutgers25

    Basketball Rutgers set to play No. 1 Baylor in Jimmy V Classic

    Love this but surprised that people think that everything will be back to normal. Can’t see any games in 2020 in NYC with fans or at least some form of social distancing.
  19. Rutgers25

    Per Jeff Goodman: Assessing BIG 10 Underclassmen who have declared for NBA Draft....

    i think the bar should be make a active roster and at his peak put in 10-15 minutes a game