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    OT: New York Mets 2020 season

    He is not lol, he struggled the first 10 games of the season and has been on fire since. A small stretch like that in the middle of the season goes unnoticed
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    Kyle Flood On Twitter

    Schiano might have gone undefeated with that team and the coaching staff he had before leaving. Flood ended up 9-4 with an embarrassing loss to VT.
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    OT: New York Mets 2020 season

    He has a career .912 OPS with runners in scoring position, .989 last season
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    OT: New York Mets 2020 season

    Literally nothing you are saying makes sense
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    Aaron Lewis leaving Michigan

    Are you 12 years old
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    OT: 2020 NY Giants Off Season Thread

    So just because there was nobody else on camera means there was nobody else in the room? He said there was an IT guy in the room, you sound like a fool.
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    Yellow rain coat dudes last night

    There were reserved signs for them in front row of the student section so somebodyprobably notified the usher
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    OT: NY Area Hockey Fans

    By a few years? When you sign the top FA on the market and your team is capped out you are no longer rebuilding.
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    Anyone hope we'll go back to the

    How can you be a Rutgers fan and think those are Schiano uniforms
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    not a glowing article

    Always get a kick out of people starting threads about articles they don't like bringing more discussion and attention to them
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    On board Schiano but ASSISTANTS are the key

    Not worried about the staff one bit, in fact I'm excited about it. Check out his 2011 staff and there's more money now.
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    OT: New Jersey Devils ‘19-‘20. The Devil Shall Rise Again!

    Smith just won CHL dman of the year and has been compared to Duncan Keith, there's nothing wrong with a 19 year old defenseman needing another year. There were only 3 (!) U20 defenseman in the entire league last year. I like Davies but he's a 22 year old 7th rounder whose ceiling is probably...
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    Lol freaking Laviano had like multiple 300 yard games
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    Nevada tied vs Purdue 38 left ......Nevada FR kicker 56 yd for win!!

    Him screaming at his brother on the sidelines was an underrated part of the 06 Louisville game
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    waiting sucks

    Once the games start you'll wish you were still waiting
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    OT: GooGoo Dolls/Train Friday @ PNC (Lord Help Me)

    Heard that enough like 5 years ago on that car commercial that came on every 10 minutes
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    OT: 2019 Mets Season Thread

    Braves lost 9-2 to the Marlins so they must not have been trying since you should be able to beat them whenever you want
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    OT: 2019 Mets Season Thread

    Anybody that believes twitter is the reason McNeil wasn't traded is a complete moron and is just searching for something to whine and complain about
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    OT: Devil Fanatics

    Lol you were definitely praying for Hughes all year until seeing the lottery results