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    Rutgers vs Baylor in Florida Article

    Disneyworld with less lines would be nice.
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    OT: Florida Bar Owner bans masks

    I still don't get how wearing a mask to save our families and fellow Americans became a political issue. Well, I guess I do when I consider who the "leader" is. But think of it this way, why can't you smoke in bars or offices anymore? Anyone?? Is it because we don't believe smokers have the...
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    OT: Lou Brock, R.I.P.

    RutgersMO has a few years on me it looks like. I became a Cardinals fan in '73 when we moved to University City MO when I was in kindergarden and my parents starting taking the family to Cards games. Bob Gibson on the mound, Joe Torre at first and Brock roaming the outfield. We were in the...
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    Red dot

    You beat me to it but I was going to say... " because it REALLY sucks when they steal your bumper". 😛
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    OT: How long till PSU sends students home?

    Bob, I can't speak for the other cities, but your source for info on Portland is clueless. I work in Portland. Every day. Drive right through it at 6:30 am and again on the way home at 4:00 pm. Nothing is "burning down". Nothing is even on fire. lol Seriously, stop relying on Fox News. It's not...
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    Andy Katz: Top Returning Players 10-6 & 5-1 In The Country

    That was a real-time photo of him when he heard the news.
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    Andy Katz: Top Returning Players 10-6 & 5-1 In The Country

    Amazing acknowledgement for Geo. Just amazing. Great publicity for program as well. What an honor, whether you believe the ranking or not. So happy for Geo. Really incredible to be mentioned as top 10 player nationally (returning). He won or sealed so many games last year. We probably lose to...
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    OT: S&P 500 rises to a record close, fully wiping out its coronavirus losses

    Not sure its anything Trump is doing. The market has stopped acting "normally" and is acting strangely. I have little faith that the stock market will never again be a realistic reflection of our economy but instead a total crap shoot based on over-reactions and emotionalism. But I have no...
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    OT: WiFi Extenders - recommendations?

    I had Orbi with 1 satellite and it worked great until one day it didn't. Took me a while to figure out it was the Orbi. Just stopped working but would say you were still connected to it. Will look into the Google system.
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    B1G Commish: Nebraska can play in the XII “as a ‘former member‘ of the Big Ten Conference”

    Its all fun and games until a Rutgers player gets COVID and dies.
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    OT: Nojel Eastern to Howard

    He did but they didn't.
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    Garza returning to school

    Hopefully we play Iowa later in year and Cliff has some experience.
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    Cliff Omoruyi

    Myles seemed to get half his fouls on bad screen attempts. He just needs to stand still and let the guy cut around him, not try to step into the path of the chasing defender.
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    We are Jim Delany’s lasting slip up

    Schicano beat Mich St, but it was in 2004 (I think). Also beat Illinois in 2006.
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    2007 RU-USF on ESPNU now

    As I recall, the receiver actually dropped the pass more than McCourty stripped it out. If you watch that play on slow mo you can see the ball is coming out before McCourty gets his hand in to interfere with the catch. Thats why the receiver put his hands up to his head in grief. He just...
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    Deshawn Freeman Selling Rutgers Gear

    Lol, exactly. I can't wear any of his stuff. As for being sad- no. I see he isn't selling his actually jerseys. Just practice crap. And even if it was game jerseys, its his to do what he wants. Everyone should be less judgmental.
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    Per Politi: No fans this year for Giants/Jets/Rutgers (RU - 500 max for coaches / players family)

    Well, there's tons of evidence all over the place. But I'm guessing you get your news from Fox. Because they have chosen not to cover the pandemic in any depth. So you haven't seen the evidence. But Chris Wallace actually stated some clear evidence that refutes Trump and DeSantos' claims...
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    Per Politi: No fans this year for Giants/Jets/Rutgers (RU - 500 max for coaches / players family)

    Masks help but they don't stop you from expelling viruses completely. The main issue is proximity and time. The air is recirculated in gyms so its not like your breath goes away. It stays in the breathing space. I get what you're saying. You don't think there's any risk. But there's no way I'm...
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    Per Politi: No fans this year for Giants/Jets/Rutgers (RU - 500 max for coaches / players family)

    You sound like DeSantos a few weeks back crowing about how wrong the media was when he decided to open up earlier than everyone else. Now Florida is the #1 hot spot on Earth. But that's only because we test more. Lol. Stupid is as Stupid does. Thats what momma says anyway...
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    Per Politi: No fans this year for Giants/Jets/Rutgers (RU - 500 max for coaches / players family)

    What more info does anyone need? If you have COVID and exhale, you exhale viruses. Anyone in close proximity for any length of time is susceptible to contracting the illness. Those people go home and infect their entire households. Some parents and grandparents get sick and some of them die. Its...