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    Any guesses as to when the schedule will be announced?

    What do you think?
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    OT: Zappaa. they just gave a great stat about your dad on the Yankee game

    He caught both games of a doubleheader 117 times!
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    OTB: Before Rutgers Day on BTN, look back at Rutgers vs. Floriday

    I wonder how Rosario felt watching two players that were obviously better than him leading Rutgers to victory over a team he couldn't get much playing time with
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    RU- Mich 2014 on now...Refs

    I always said if we could find Dr Frankenstein and have him put Dodd's brain and heart in Nova's body, we'd have a first team all American
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    RU- Mich 2014 on now...Refs

    I guess it would have been more accurate to say excellent compared to what we've had since
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    OTB: Before Rutgers Day on BTN, look back at Rutgers vs. Floriday

    With the game condensed, I hope they don't omit Raftery's line of the night. With the crowd loudly booing Rosario every time he touches the ball, the play by play guy asks if this isn't a little harsh. Raftery replies, "This is New Jersey! I get that reception when I come home every night!"
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    OT: Angel Hernandez

    at least he's equally bad against both teams
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    RU- Mich 2014 on now...Refs

    Novas three horrible games (Kent State, Virginia Tech, Penn State) marred an otherwise excellent career
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    OT: Angel Hernandez

    Baseball finally returns and the worst umpire in the history of the game is behind the plate
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    January to May

    no games in January and February. March April and May with the bowls in June
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    The RAC gets some props

    The Carrier Dome never gets ear piercing loud. It's too cavernous
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    January to May

    I get the feeling that eventually the January to May schedule they are talking about as a possibility will be what will happen. Also the entire football schedule moved to spring.
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    Five-star college basketball recruit Makur Maker commits to Howard over UCLA

    unless hes really really good and transfers to Rutgers
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    Rutgers offers JUCO Josh Baker

    Souf seemed like a good kid. I wish him well
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    Welcome new Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway

    Im sure he will be much more of a supporter of athletics than Barchi was
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    Five-star college basketball recruit Makur Maker commits to Howard over UCLA

    Gone are the days where you take the chance of not being discovered by NBA scouts if you dont go to a high major. Nowadays, it doesn't matter where you play, the scouts will find you if you're good enough.
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    Tim McCormick gives his rankings of Big Ten coaches

    Actually this isn't a bad thing. With all the positive things that are going to be written about this team heading into the season, it's nice that theres still some bulletin board material out there. The players said all of last year that being picked 12th preseason was a motivation going into...
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    Greg Schiano

    Brian Leonard actually said once that one of main reasons he came here is because Terry Shea didn't stop recruiting his brother Nate when he got injured in high school and Syracuse pulled their offer. So Leonard is the one thing we can thank Terry Shea for
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    watching college football games from years past

    The past few months, with reruns of games played years ago just about all the sports there is to watch, I was reminded of something. What an obnoxious and annoying announcer Brent Musburger was. And how Keith Jackson was THE voice of college football for all eternity. But it was weird hearing...