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    Jalen rise up rankings

    Speaking of recruiting . . . . How’s Akoldah Gak’s (Sp) recruitment going?
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    BB Recruiting 2021 PG Jalen Miller commits to Rutgers Hoops

    Even given that he’s class of ‘21, kid looks quite young, and that’s a good thing.
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    NCAA VP guarantees March Madness will happen | ’We are going to have a tournament'

    Guy’s in no position to guarantee anything.
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    Danny Lobach

    “Hey, do you think this walk-on could help us out” should not be a provocative statement,
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    Geo Baker

    I'm coming down on the side of the rims being less than 10 ft. When you pause and just look at guys standing under the rim it seems low, unless these guys are a lot bigger than my impression.
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    Doucoure Week

    Big year coming up, Duke! Let's go!
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    For 2021

    Frightening that a dope like me a go on there and make a prediction.
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    For 2021

    Any restrictions on who can make FanFutureCasts? I was kind of hoping there were.
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    For 2021

    After J.J., how many spots do we have open? Who are our top targets, and most likely leans? Looks Iike we’re leading for Akoldah Gak, yes? When is he expected to announce? Thanks.
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    RU's Cinco de Mayo birthday boys

    How old are they?
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    Akoldah Gak

    Mighty impressive with time to grow in height and muscle.
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    Thanks, Degaz. I already have checked that out. I was wondering if there is moer info than what's listed there. Jalen Blakes? Trey Patterson? etc.
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    I'm assuming the roster is set for '20-'21.Correct assumption? We've got one 4-star recruit set for '21. Who else out there are the targets we are most interested in and who seem the most interested in us?
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    We should still hang some type of banner

    Please, no banner in the rafters. I’m okay with small appreciative plaque, maybe by ticket window.
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    Who does Cliff O remind you of (based on video)?

    Roy Hinson and Hamady are the two best comparisons I’ve seen. I love having CO here but I think he’ll be pushed around this year and is very far from ready for the NBA.
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    Top 5 Rutgers Point Guards from 1970-Present?

    If you want to measure against their own competition, McFadden could be in the mix. My freshman year at RU he was my favorite player. Against current competition he’d be way over his head.
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    2020 Intriguing Transfers (and ongoing transfer watch)

    Looks like a possible replacement for Akwasi.
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    Fits what bill? He went from being a rotation player to being less than last guy off the bench.
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    “Maybe the coaches have him comfortable with his role.” You’re being sarcastic, right?
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    CRAZY CRAZY if he’s not transferring.