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    OSU Clemson Game Thread

    HAHA the moment they put UM on the screen, is when OSU season ends.
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    OT: NB restaurant, Due Mari, to close up

    Due Mari is/was part of the Altamarea group, run by Michael White (Marea in NYC and others such as a few Morini's. Back when it opened ten years ago, and for about the first 4-5 years it was probably the best restaurant in New Brunswick IMO, and had a wonderful warm vibe. They remodeled it about...
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    How many fumbles for Johnny football so far
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    I was thinking about this yesterday. And with all respect and support for the young man, there have been literally hundreds of “reminds me of Tebows” out there in high school and college football the last ten years or so. Fact is, he was unique in the magnitude of his success.
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    Tough kid. Decent athlete. Competitive. But I don’t see it.
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    Iowa isn't very good

    That is a huge rivalry game out there and the premise of this thread is BS.
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    Let's hope these people pick the right person

    pretty sure she's the one with the $$$$
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    Looking for UMASS Parking

    Need a pass last minute. Anyone?
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    OT: Donovan McNabb a hall of famer?!

    McNabb was a very good QB and had a few HOF type seasons but on balance no. As an Eagles fan, he was a frustrating guy to root for, though he was also entertaining for sure. Clearly did not come up big when in the biggest stage which is the true measure of greatness. But I’ll add there are...
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    OT: NFC East

    Correct. He has not been at all great this year.
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    OT: NFC East

    Not all that great? As a second year player, Wentz was favorite to win league MVP last year had he not been injured against the Rams in game 13. You're right though about this year's Eagles...the reasons are plentiful including coaching losses.
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    OT: NFC East

    Eagles have only themselves to blame. Even with all the injuries, the losses to Tampa, Tennessee and Carolina were inexcuseable. Plus the home loss to Dallas. Losing all four of those games put them where they are. Wentz will be fine after an offseason to recover further. Giants fans should...
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    OT: NJIT at Fordham Tonite

    Sagarin is wrong at this point in a season.
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    OT: Eagles-Cowboys game on now

    This was dirty stuff from the officials. The offensive PI was BS. Officials also screwed up the Dallas fumble on the opening KO of the game, costing the Eagles 3 or 7 points.
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    Rutgers vs Fordham / Game Thread

    Rams are pretty good and play hard.
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    Rutgers vs Fordham / Game Thread

    Fordham is a decent team. Somehow, RU doesn’t seem prepared.
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    Schiano for Temple Head Coach?

    LOL I’m sure you know...This is from 2016.
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    Ron Prince to Howard