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    BigTen Restarting On October 24

    don't bring facts into this please. My buddy had a business trip to UAE about 5 years ago. Said his hotel had a lot of Israeli guests. But hopefully this is a step towards a larger peace. Next up is a peace treaty between the Navajo Nation and Algeria
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    OT: Univ. of Alabama Has 531 New Covid Cases Since Classes Resumed

    I almost died watching my brother-in-law eat dungeness crab at a restaurant one night. I swear he was eating it for an hour and I was dying to go home. Sadly he died after that but it had nothing to do with crabs. Or COVID.
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    Fans in Stands Decision?

    ok so this is kind of obvious but I'm still giving it high marks.
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    OT: Demand for Shore rentals spikes as families tire of coronavirus curbs

    still investigating but he may be a Russian bot
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    COVID youth summer sports

    9th and 6th grade. trying hard to make lemonade out of lemons and we have a good set-up with a goal, rebounder (all ball pro is a great rebounder and worth the money IMO), paved and grass area to play and a great wall which is on a evenly paved lot at a nearby school. But that stuff is great...
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    COVID youth summer sports

    looking for some insight and perspective on what could be in store for us this summer. really hoping this doesn't devolve into the typical political nonsense. please go yell at your girlfriend or another family member instead. so i have 2 boys who are avid lacrosse players and both fancy...
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    OT: Coding class for 6th grader

    any on-line suggestions for my 12 year old nerd in training? strong with tech not much experience with coding.
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    OT: The Tiger King ok for 13 year old?

    its entertaining surprised by all the hate to some extent. a 13 year old isn't the same today as they were in our day. What these kids see on their phones etc. is a tragedy. 99.9% your 13 year old has seen and heard far worse - maybe daily. our 12 year watched bits and pieces with us.
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    Danny Manning

    I can't imagine Wake would have hired Pitino?
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    OT: Thank you for your thoughts and prayers

    R.I.P. Joseph. I hope time can make this horrible loss a little less painful. I'm so sorry for you and your family.
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    Do we think anyone leaves?

    i'm not much of a tweet interpreter but that doesn't look great. would hate to lose him great team player.
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    FB Recruiting Shaquan Loyal commits to Rutgers

    I think this Corona disaster could help RU more than maybe most/any other P5 school. No one reaped less local talent than we did with Flood/Ash. Now the sentiment will be, at least for the next year or 2, that parents want their children closer to home. Jersey/PA/NY boys better jump on board...
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    Most Disliked Ref

    I don't remember specifics but recall hating Higgins. He worked for some family business in NY - I sat at a wedding with a guy whose family owned the business and he worked with closely with HIggins. He told me Higgins said the RU fans (and I want to say Providence too) were the angriest fans...
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    Just Think

    don't shoot the messenger, but i'm hearing the game tonight might not happen. hope I'm wrong - kids will be crushed. it was a great season no matter what happens.
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    Spring Sports Athletes Get Year Back - Winter Sports Up Next

    i'm not informed enough to know if other B1G schools would benefit more than RU from this ??
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    Just Think

    Pike is being totally exposed right. overrated. we blow this and its totally on him.
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    OT: Does anyone know anyone who has tested positive?

    don't we all know Tom Hanks?
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    Hysteria, Hysteria

    one side has an overt editorial bias and is full of never trumpers. trump derangement syndrome or whatever you want to call it. fox/trump exercises a lot of control over the conservative media message and knowingly publishes false information. repeatedly. its not apples to apples.
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    Hysteria, Hysteria

    yeah its just impossible to imagine a basketball player coming down with corona and infecting other ppl. You should clearly be helping with these decisions.
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    Basketball NCAA statement regarding Coronavirus (NO FANS)

    I'm having a hard time purging the selfish thoughts, can my 82 year old die hard RU lifelong fan adopt someone on the team and get in?