“A Knight At Clydz” With the mens basketball team


Apr 1, 2022
Knight society is currently looking for more businesses to partner with.

what comes from the partnership:
-Promotion on our website, in our newsletters, and social media (depending on level of sponsorship).
- monthly access to knight society athlete promotion (depending on level of sponsorship)
-access to personable “partner only” events with R student athletes.

This is a very valuable way to boost your business within the rutgers community and also get a chance to hang with your favorite student athletes. And it’s a business expense 🤣🤝

this is the event we have coming up on the 9th. First come first serve but we do have more events lined up!

make your business a partner of Knight Society and support R student athletes!

If interested, you can reach out to me through email: info@knightsociety.io