Dec 16, 2003
Saw something posted by another school they were supposed to play a B10 Ouf of Conference series but the school, MSU, cancelled because there will be no out of conference games allowed this year for baseball. Seems hypocritical based on Basketball and fact it’s an Outdoor sport still 3-4 months away but OK. Hate the virus


Nov 23, 2014
Lots of hypocrisy regarding baseball in the big ten. If this were the acc or sec They would be much better or be upset if baseball was negatively impacted. The odd thing is you would think with nebraska and maryland (although prior to litterio the disaster being allowed to coach here, rutgers was the superior program, certainly debatable and I dont think it is close.) The fact that rutgers doesnt have lights and a stadium grandstand With a coach the caliber of owens it is not an exaggeration in anyway that if we put in lights get a real lockerroom clubhouse and a stadium(not talking about ole miss just a basic 1,000-2,000 grandstand and press box with some singange) By atletic budget standards it would cost nearly nothing. It is time for Fraizer stadium. Owens with those lights and a real facility immediately returns rutgers to first caliber north east program contending annually for big ten and ncaa bids.

Lights are crucial to recruiting travel ball players hosting tournaments state and travel ball. Hell owens is drastically better without those. Still if he could consistently sign 1-2 more southern offer, drafted or draft caliber player each class we would be back t that level. He did the same thing at bryant. He definitely is very good with transfers, juco and regular.

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