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Jul 25, 2001
Mrs. Screw was gracious enough to share this with me so that I could post it for visiting fans. My current thread is quite dated, so some of this information is more up to date. I'll try to clean that up before Homecoming.

For now, here we go:

If you are traveling to NJ for the Rutgers game here's some info:

you can fly into Newark and take NJ transit directly down to New Brunswick. No rental car needed.

Hotels in New Brunswick, both walking distance from the train:

Hyatt (2 blocks from the train)
Heldrich ( a bit nicer, 4 easy blocks to walk)

There are others in Piscataway or Somerset but only the 2 above are close to the food/bars/fun

George Street, across from the train station and in the direction of both hotels, is now a pedestrian walkway. All of the restaurants and bars have outdoor seating in the street.

Dining/bar options in downtown New Brunswick either on or just off of George Street:

Harvest Moon
Old Man Rafferty's
George Street Ale House
Tavern on George
Fat Cactus

Fine dining:

Steakhouse 85
Salt (seafood)
Catherine Lombardi (Italian)
Cuzin's Seafood Bar
Frog and the Peach

Other dining options on Easton Avenue

Destination Dogs
Stuff Your Face
Thomas Sweets for fantastic ice cream!

The student bars are all on Easton Avenue, which is where the train lets you off. These are student heavy bars, so enter with your team gear at your own risk.

Old Queens
Corner Tavern
Scarlet Pub
Huey's Knight Club
Golden Rail

At The Yard, on College Ave you can find R U Hungry and the famous Fat Sandwiches. They used to be part of the Grease Trucks that lost their home when RU built some buildings


Rutgers is spread in 2 towns for their main campus , Piscataway and New Brunswick. They also have campuses in Camden and Newark but, believe me, you don't want to be in either of those cities.

If you go into Manhattan, please for the love of God, Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not walk with your phone out like a tourist. Don't wear good jewelry. If you do go, the 9/11 museum is a must. I think it's something that everyone should visit.

NJ transit will also take you down to Trenton where you can switch to the SEPTA and head into Philly for a whole other set of entertainment and food.

Game Day:

There are shuttle buses in downtown New Brunswick that will take you to the stadium.

You can also Uber/Lyft to and from the stadium. RU has a specific drop off point but you will need to take the bus back to the Jersey Mike's Arena (JAR) to get an uber back to whereever it is you want to go..

If you are feeling energetic, it's an almost 3 mile walk from downtown NB and this route will take you through bar/restaurant areas :,-74.4539598,17z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2

If you have a parking pass, follow the signs to your lot. Scarlet & Green are the closest, but a bit boring. A lot of old rich folks hang out there. Yellow and Blue are also close and a lot more fun, with a bit of a younger crowd. Purple and Silver are not to bad to walk from and are a great option to park your car and enjoy what there is around the stadium on gameday.

Tailgating starts early. The official "rules" about tailgating say 6 hours before is when you can get in the lots but just ignore that! Walk around the lots, most people will engage you in conversation and offer up a beer. Please note: the police in past years have been awful about giving out underage drinking tickets....$800. They have not been so bad this year, but just be warned. They have been known to stop you to ask what is in your red solo cup and have gone into tailgates to ask for ID.


Up near the stadium is our Victory statue as well as the first game statue. Both worth a visit and a photo.

Our team gets off the bus about 2.5 hours before kickoff up near the first game statue, our Scarlet Walk. Fans and the band line up along the first game statue to greet the team. .

This year the main road leading to the stadium is set up as a Jersey Shore Boardwalk with games with prizes (FREE!), Bouncy house things (FREE!) and rides(FREE!), and food trucks, so there will be plenty of food options if you don't tailgate. There is also a live band performing in the area and a beer garden. IT IS AWESOME. I was so impressed by it all that If I didn't have my own tailgate I would be participating in this in a heartbeat. Last week there were 14 different food/dessert trucks & stands and a mobile hotdog truck going up and down the road. We even had a ferris wheel!!

A little look at what it's been like:

Official Rutgers stadium rules:

***NOTE: Rutgers strictly follows the clear bag/bags smaller than a clutch rule. The security people stand there with rulers sending people away. Don't be that person! Also, no food or drink of any kind is allowed in the stadium (at least food or drink that is visible. What you can get into the stadium in your pockets, down the back of your pants or under your hat is none of their business!) No water bottles, no apples, no candy bars. Nothing. ***

Make sure you add your tickets to your Google/Apple wallet before you get to the stadium. There have been games where everyone is trying to access the app and no one can get to their tickets.

You will find that RU has a pretty lively tailgate scene, because we don't always win the game but we do win the tailgate.

Lastly, the final train out of NB to NYC is 1:38am. there won't be another train until 5:38am.

Map of parking and area around SHI stadium:

Rutgers Visitors Fan Guide

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