Goodale: 'I believe we have multiple national champs on this roster'


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Apr 23, 2005
Gibbstown, NJ
I was saying this in another recent thread. We may not be as far away as we think we are as a program. Sure, we aren't PSU or Iowa right now, but still, we're not too far behind most of the B1G. Hell, even NW has two #1 seeds. We have 4-6 guys right now who are on the brink of AA this year. What we need to do is fill out the rest of the roster and develop those "on the brink" guys into top 4 type talent. Ashnault may have a couple of losses at CKLV, but he has shown the ability (albeit in the summer in a different style) to beat a guy like Tsirsis. Camp has the tools. I'm excited to see how Billy's style changes under the new coaching staff. A lot of our guys are finally starting to really score this year (I remember how painful at times it was to watch Scottie and Mario winning those 4-2 matches when they were more than capable of bonus pointing many opponents).

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