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Dec 12, 2005
Agreed. They were capitalizing on some good looks, and even some of the not so good ones were starting to fall at that point (specifically that 3 Harper sank from the top of the arc with the shot clock expiring).

It was also nice to see him start attacking late. There were stretches early in the season where he would get to the basket seemingly at will and finish through contact and no one really had an answer for him.

Also really liked some of the two man game Harper and Myles had going down the stretch. Myles had a couple of absolute dimes to Harper including that set they love to run where Harper fakes like he’s going to come to the top and then flashes to the basket for the lob, and then a nice play where Harper penetrated, drew two defenders and found a wide open Myles fading to the basket.

The offense just looked so much more fluid at that point in the game, night and day from what they did in the first half and the first ten minutes of the second half.
Yes. They played about 7 minutes of a 40 minute game tonight. The offense went down low and attacked , Ron and Myles and Geo fir the layup. The screens setting up threes in rhythm for Ron and Geo. Effective use of the ball screen and good movement and screening. It was missing for the other 33 minutes of the game. Yes the lack of defensive rebounding might have cost us the game late but the defense was atrocious except for those 7 minutes. Saw stat that Penn State was shooting 67% until those 7 minutes and ended at 49%. Still pathetically high. I am really wondering if we are going to see our intense , suffocating defense of last year just once this year. It is missing in action.
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