OT: Major winter storm 3/20-21?


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Jul 27, 2001
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Stop this nonsense scaring people. Plow is off. Salter is tucked away. Shovels are stored and snowblowers and put to bed for the summer. There may be a coating on grass here and there but no need to start a threads on something trivial. No need to buy bread and milk folks.

As far as July I will wager $1000 it will not snow. As far as April 82 it will not be in the upper 20's next week so scratch that off.

In 83 an unusually strong and cold for April Artic high pressure system moved into New England. A secondary low developed near No Carolina. The primary low weaked and the secondary low became the primary low as it moved northeastward. None of this is going to happen next week. Check please.
You're simply wrong on the potential here, especially if snow falls at night (early Monday) with temps at or below 32F. Or if we get a bigger storm with greater intensity next weekend with temps possibly in the upper 20s - that wouldn't be far off from 4/6/82 (GFS/CMC show significant snows next weekend, while the Euro has a near miss to our south). Also, 90% of April snows are not hugely impactful (April 82 is the exception) with lower accumulations on roads and usually a quick melt, so nobody needs to be "scared" yet.

The people I'm quoting and the models I'm looking at are serious - none of that guarantees we're getting significant snowfall this April, as April snow requires nearly perfect timing of a host of variables, but the potential is clearly there, especially for Monday, which is only 3 days away. I'm busy in meetings, but with 12Z models showing at least a couple of inches of snow on Monday, I'll be starting a thread in the next couple of hours.


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Jan 30, 2002
Any accumulation this time of year is horrible. 2 years ago on April 9th, South Jersey got 4 or so inches of slushy snow that made driving conditions horrible. I was driving back to my house in Somerset County from central Cumberland and the usual 1h45m drive took close to 4 hours. Rt 55 was a mess, but once I got North of exit 5 on the Turnpike, there was nothing on the ground.