Question on temple game at Mohegan Sun?


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Jul 20, 2004
Im only going for the friday game regardless, because of the Rutgers football the next day. But there are a bunch of other teams down there as well. Is this a tournament format where if you win you keep playing? The mohegan sun does list championship game on sunday? But there are 8 teams. 2 games friday and two on Saturday.

I thought this was just the one game like we had in Toronto when we played St. bonaventure?


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Jul 25, 2001
Thats just really odd. I wonder why they didnt include the other teams? I dont really care. Just not sure why?
Tourney is an annual and teams were invited in the Spring. I am relatively certain that Rutgers could have been in the field. That didn't happen. Rutgers flirted with Gonzaga and Houston as stand alones. They didn't happen. This doubleheader is unrelated to the much hyped tourney and just happens to take place that Friday night. I have been to the Saturday-Sunday event the last 2 years and they have sold out the building.
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Dec 30, 2005
Cant we only be in 1 “tournament”. If we are in one like this don’t we lose extra home games that we get from playing in our fake tournament.
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