Rutgers Fans House Burns Down


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Apr 1, 2003
From the football board:
tico brown said:

Before I post an update, I will explain this since a couple of people asked me:

After living in South Jersey for 12 years while commuting to my job in North Jersey, I got a small place with relatives close by so that I can keep going to work before I snapped from the daily 190 mile commute. Go down there on weekends and become Santa Pop Pop to the grands and so forth. I got the call Tuesday before I stepped out to go to work and I’ve been feeling like crap ever since because I rather be the one dead than have them go through what they did. But that’s another session for another time.

Update is that they’re looking for a couple of houses/ apartments in the same area this weekend. Hopefully things will come through soon enough. I have been blown away by all the generosity everyone has shown this past week, from my granddaughters school, my wife’s job, shoot, there’s at least 3 schools in the district I work at who have done collections for them. And of course what all of the 52s here have done for someone who didn’t even go to Rutgers. For all that I will not appreciate enough this board and the people here.


In case you guys want to physically send stuff to South Jersey, here’s my daughters PO Box:
Alexandria Carrasquillo
PO Box 8790
Collingswood, NJ 08108

And here’s the GoFundMe page in which they will have enough money for down payment and a f

Fire at 47 Bellevue, organized by Alexandria Carrasquillo
At 8 am March 2nd 2021... we woke up to our house in flames.. please help with what ever … Alexandria Carrasquillo needs your support for Fire at 47 Bellevue
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