This is the future of NIL and what we as Rutgers fans are up against!


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Oct 21, 2010
I found this on Reddit.

It was well rumored in Utah/Bama circles that Alabama boosters offered Dalton Kincaid about a mil to transfer to Alabama this summer. That report was all but confirmed by Utah AD Mark Harlan to Yahoos Pat Forde when he said "We had a player who was offered, I believe, about a million dollars to pull him over to another team,” Harlan told Sports Illustrated. “I called that AD and had a discussion, right? And he’s frustrated. Everybody’s frustrated.

“Because this was a friend, it was a friendly call. It was just to say, ‘Listen, it happened.’ My colleague was—embarrassed is not the right word, but he was frustrated.” source

Kyle Whittingham took quite a bit of heat from our fans when he said "There’s going to come a time in the very, very near future where the Top 25 NIL pots of money are going to mirror exactly the Top 25 teams in the country,” he said last Monday. “That’s just how it is. That’s where it’s heading and there’s no debate about it, unless they change the rules. I don’t think they can backpedal now with the can of worms that they’ve opened.”

Given the context of this offer, I cant blame him for saying that. Its really incredible that Kincaid turned this offer down, and im sure there are already many insances of a player leaving for an offer.

related: Dalton Kincaid had 16 catches for 234 yards last week against USC